Wednesday, March 18, 2020

ANHEDONIA - Deathcore,Deathmetal, Slam (UNITED STATES)

Formed by Rudy Vargas and officially established after the very first single release of “So Far Below” in 2018 featuring Josh Miller of Emmure and Cody Fuentes of Spite, this set the foundation for what would become what the band is today.  The single was utilized to recruit the rest of the official lineup, now consisting of ex members of Oceano, Salimus, and more.  After about a year of planning and preparation, the band returned (as a full lineup) to Rapture Recordings to produce the rest of the album titled “Virulence” (due later this year), while releasing a total of 3 singles via CHUGCORE and beginning to play shows all in 2019.  Now unleashing the very first music video of the title track, “Virulence”

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                    ANHEDONIA - VIRULENCE


Location:  CA, USA

Song name:  “Virulence”
- First music video, and title track of the upcoming album also titled Virulence due later this year.

Official Premiere:  SLAM WORLDWIDE

Recorded / Mixed / Mastered by Cody Fuentes @ Rapture Recordings

Video by Mike Sloat @ Roaring Mouse Productions


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