Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Bulmasatarra ( Thrash-Grind Crossover/Colombia)

Bulmasatarra is a Thrash-Grind Crossover band originally formed 
in Santander (Colombia) by Mao Madbutcher and Will Bedonow (Fuzzsick). 
The band is characterized from the beginning as a circle of session 
musicians around Bedonow (guitar and vocals). After a long break, 
the band reactivated in 2016 in Barcelona (where Bedonow currently 
resides) along with other local musicians.

In December 2019 they released their second album (the Denial of 
Death EP), 
which contains 6 tracks of pure rabid, fast and aggressive Crossover 
Thrash-Grind. The old-school sound is direct, no makeup in the production, 
dirty Thrash-Grind crossover ready to be played live, with themes that 
follow a political, social and nihilistic line.
1. Slaves&Masters 02:27  
2. Last Breath 02:12  
3. Dopamine/ElectricEye 02:02  
4. Who Will Run the World Next 02:10  
5. Pamphlet Wars 03:13  
6. Denial of Death 02:37

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