Monday, March 30, 2020

CARNAGE ( Stockholm (1988 )

Stockholm (1988). Other gods on the scene. Their LP “Dark Recollections” is together 
with ENTOMBED's “Left Hand Path” the greatest, brutal and savage album that Swedish 
lands have given birth to in their entire history. It featured Michael Amott (CARCASS), 
Johan Axelsson / Liiva (FURBOWL, ARCH ENEMY), Johnny Dordevic (ENTOMBED), and David Blomqvist, 
Matti Kärki and Fred Estby (DISMEMBER) in their ranks. They had a very short life as a band but 
their legacy and contribution are essential.
 The Day Man Lost…  Demo                          1989  
Infestation of Evil  Demo                            1989  
Dark Recollections  Full-length                  1990  
Dark Recollections / Hallucinating Anxiety  Split  1990   
Live Stockholm Sweden 4.11.89.  Live album          1991

                     Carnage - Torn Apart



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