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CHRISTA EARLYMORN - Black Metal (DSBM) and Doom Metal/Germany


Being “alive“ is beautiful was founded in summer
2017 by Christina Earlymorn, who experienced
heavy depression that time and went suicidal during that
period of time.
She was thinking to herself:
„Being “alive“ is sooo damn beautiful...“
And so on, the bands name was born.
She decited to write lyrics and songs about the roots of her
depression instead of jumping in front of a train. 

Christina Earlymorn was born on March the 7th 1990 in a small town in bavaria near the austrian border to
Braunau (Austria). She started to play the guitar at the age of 10 in order to have something on
which she could let out her frustration and aggression after experiencing a violent parent to
child relationship with her father and a parallel physical abuse by a katholic nun in elementary school.
During the years in school Christina experienced an inensive amount of bullying,
because she wasn´t „cool enough“ to be with „the cool“.
Her mother who is a Jehovah´s witness always told her to simply pray to god.
Christina did that many years, but saw that nothing was happening.
Anxiety and depression manifested and haunted her for many years. Literally playing the guitar
and getting into the heavy styles of music helped her during that time.
Many years she searched to join a band. But in her region there is a very very
small metal/rock music scene. Most bands had all members in their boat or simply don´t wanted her to join.
So she began to form in 2008 her first solo band called FINSTERORT.
She began to play besides the guitar also the bass and the drums. She learned over the past years how to record
music alone in a home studio and does this until now in her own little private home studio.


Being “alive“ is beautiful`s sound is a slow, midtempo, doomy
and sometimes fast tremolo picked black metal sound played
on a 4 string bass guitar.
The useage of the heavy distorted bass guitar sometimes
sounds like a regular guitar, but in fact there is no guitar to
hear in all Being “alive“ is beautiful songs, except for one
„Verzweiflung“ (only for the guitar solo part.)
So. Why no guitar?
Because Christina is mainly a guitar player and wanted a more
primitive sound.
She cannot archieve that sound on a guitar, because she will
be instantly fiddeling around, playing solos
and do technical stuff, which would kill the vibe of that
The drums are held in an also slow manner, combined with some doublebass and blastbeat shots.


As mentioned before, the lyrical content is held on the
depressive side of life.
Besides depression there is also anxiety and
transsexualism as topics featured within.
The lyrics are all sung in Christina´s mother language which is
For further songs and releases there can be added other languages,
because we think all what serves the song will the best way to go!
Christina`s singing style is a high pitched more black metallish
one, which sets a contrast to the heavy „ballsy“ bass tone. 


Digitally released on July the 29th 2017. Physically released on February the 3rd 2019 via SHARE YOUR PAIN RECORDS on CD to a limited set of 50 copies. Songlist: -Intro- -Schmerz- -Ungerechtigkeit- -Verzweiflung- -Schutt und Asche
Music video "SCHUTT UND ASCHE" 
Reviews: Metalzone - support your local underground – Review


 Digital release date on ------------- Physical release date on -------------- via SHARE YOUR PAIN RECORDS on CD limited on ----- copies only!

 Songlist: -Hymne der ewigen Trostlosigkeit- -Depression- -Unfrieden- -Kurzschluss- -Hassobjekt- -Medienkrieger- -Selbstfindung

Links: Clip for the upcoming NEW ALBUM

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