Monday, March 9, 2020

Chronicle of Javier Barba Vallejo.

This morning we attended the Espai Maragall 
(center d'arts scenic) in Gavá, a town near Barcelona.
At the first solo concert of Horacio Verdún the singer 
and guitar of the band Obscure and, by the way, the best 
tribute band to The Cure of the national territory.
Within the framework of the Gavá Hall Of Fame 2020 which 
is the first room dedicated to the tribute bands on this
weekend of March 6, 7 and 8.
 Micky, singer of the band Please (tribute to U2, officially 
recognized by the Irish band) to put on this "surprise show" 
since no band was abdicated.
In a VERY well-set stage for a "Solo Show" Horacio leaves before 
about 70 people and .......... achieves it !!!!!
He has mounted a concert of versions of The Cure, ordered chronologically, 
reaching the 90s, sometimes with electric guitar and most of the show with 
acoustics and the beautiful Noa MP accompanying him on some theme in percussion 
and also responsible for spraying his head with 3 Nelly lacquer sprays to leave 
the bad hairs that Robert Smith is wearing !!!!
Very well structured and with songs from The Cure designed 
to be played by a single person and for doing something different 
that Obscure has never played. He has prepared a lot and that's how 
it came out-
The concert has been very intimate, endearing and emotional, I could 
see it clearly in the arm of my great friend Marcos Toro who had goose
bumps and all of us who have attended have come out with that feeling, 
even kids who had The room have been paying attention.
Very good sound, the only paste maybe that would have been better in a 
room with only scenic light and not in a Hall with a lot of natural light 
that has reduced the intimacy of the concert, but that has also achieved 
that special personal atmosphere that Horacio knows how to give to the live 
shows, as if I were visiting a Cure world parallel to ours, not in vain there 
was a picture of ET flanking one side of the stage.
Great morning in the company of great friends !!!!!

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