Friday, March 27, 2020

Chugger are proud to release their second single and official video for the track "Beg, Burn, Fear", taken from their upcoming album 'Of Man And Machine' due for release on 24/04/2020 via WormHoleDeath.
"Beg, Burn, Fear" is available on all major digital stores:
Chugger also unleashed an official video for  "Beg, Burn, Fear". It is the first part of two videos that follow in the footsteps of classic gore and splatter movies with a brutal femme fatale in the lead.

"This is not for the faint of heart - we're taking the death in groove death metal quite literally in this one..."

Cast: Miss Metnal, Beatrice Blom Gonzalez, Johan Blom, Robin Larsson and the Chugger boys.
Filmed by: Josie Gao and Theo Hultberg
Edited by: Death Groove Productions
Lights and atmosphere: NZone Audio & Lights
Special FX: Makeup Effects (Lars Carlsson) and Death Groove Productions.

Filmed on location at Kolgruvan, Gothenburg, 2020




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