Tuesday, March 31, 2020


The band got formed in 2000 in Sao Paulo and released three years later its first demo called "Into The Fire" and five years later their debut album called "Tribute To The Brave Ones" on Marquee Records !

CLENCHED FIST are among the most acclaimed Heavy-Metal bands in Brasil, their popularity is always growing there and it is no doubt they're among the most interesting & best Heavy-Metal bands of the brasilian scene of the moment!!!

We are proud to announce the band has inked a worldwide deal with INFERNO Records to unleash its second album called "The Gift Of Death" ! Made of 9 songs (+ intro), it should be released within a few months ! Musically this could be described as an Epic & Obscure Heavy-Metal piece, essential for all fans of MANILLA ROAD & IRONSWORD to name a few bands !

Two brand new songs can already be heard on our website - enjoy !!!"

CLENCHED FIST "Speed Metal Attack" 

 Infernö Records - France - www.inferno-records.net


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