Monday, March 30, 2020

Death In Effigy ( Spain ).

We are an extreme metal band from Vitoria (Alava) formed in mid-2018 by Aritz on bass 
and vocals, Eneko on drums and Nebirus on guitar and vocals, at first we started 
rehearsing without taking into account a fixed course with respect to the compositions, 
since each one had musical inclinations ranging from Metal Core to Black Metal, passing 
through Thrash and Death metal, but little by little those compositions materialized with 
themes against Christianity and other religions or dogmas that try to manipulate the 
conscience of the free man, whether they are religious, or simply patriotic, nationalist 
or warlike, but also touching on a few social issues such as environmental pollution that 
increasingly reminds us of how contaminated this society is, unable to face solving its 
problems without a spiritual crutch that we usually carry thanks to the traditional 
tendency to always depend on some fac external tor many times non-existent but that 
anesthetizes man and distances him from his true independence and individuality.
 At the beginning of the present year 2020 we decided to enter the recording studio, 
thus making possible our first ep, titled as the band “Death in Effigy” for the moment 
with a lot of desire to play live and thus present the album, since we believe that It 
is the best way to reach people and make our musical work known.
    Currently we are already preparing what would be our first full length, but well, 
little by little we will materialize it, in principle the idea is to promote the ep tha
we have recently recorded and that the entire pandemic of extreme metal Death in Effigy will 
spread throughout the planet.
Call to :  656 72 65 98

1. Zombiecalypse 04:17  
2. What Man as Grown... He Will Harvest      03:57  
3. Growing Darkness 05:19  
4. Master 04:49  
5. War 03:35  
6. The King of Lies 05:09

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