Monday, March 30, 2020

Dismember (Stockholm/1988)

Stockholm (1988). Essentials and example of veteran of the Swedish panorama. Three 
of its members (David Blomqvist, Matti Kärki, and Fred Estby) were part of the CARNAGE 
gods in their very short musical journey. Its sound is a very clear example of the 
sonorous approach of the genre, with cutting and pasty guitars and an almost unparalleled 
violence. His legacy has always been essential and even today they continue to edit 
remarkable works. The lyrics on their first LP brought them to court in England, being 
branded as “indecent and obscene”, hence the title of their second album. His most brutal 
material, apart from the demos, is the content on the great EP "Pieces". Indispensable, 
indecent and ... obscene!
 Rehearsal Tape - 88  Demo  1988   
Dismembered  Demo  1988  
Last Blasphemies  Demo  1989  
Rehearsal Demo '89  Demo  1989  
Reborn in Blasphemy  Demo  1990  
Like an Everflowing Stream  Full-length  1991  
Skin Her Alive  Single  1991   
Pieces  EP  1992  
Indecent and Obscene  Full-length  1993  
Casket Garden  EP  1995  
Massive Killing Capacity  Full-length  1995  
Misanthropic  EP  1997  
Death Metal  Full-length  1997  
Hate Campaign  Full-length  2000  
Where Ironcrosses Grow  Full-length  2004  
Live Blasphemies  Video  2004  
Complete Demos  Compilation  2005  
The God That Never Was  Full-length  2006  
Dismember  Full-length  2008  
Under Blood Red Skies  Video  2009 



Dismember - Reborn in Blasphemy - Demo '90




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