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Start Date: Formated in March 2009
Genre: Death Metal
Embloodyment are:
Pedro Chae (vocals and guitar)
Tatto (bass)
J.C (drums)
Víctor Romo (guitar and chorus)
Country of origin: Madrid
Contact y contracts:
Phone: +34 686 81 63 28 / 608 31 40 72

The story of Embloodyment begins in November of 2006 when Tatto makes a trip to Korea and
attend to a local show. Once there he sees a local band’s vocal growling and insulting in spanish at
some Yankees in the show. After the show Tatto gets to meet him, whose name is Pedro by the
way. Soon after going through a heavy metal night with alcochol they establish a friendship bond.
Few months later while keeping in touch by messages and emails, Pedro tells Tatto that he got a
job in Madrid and is coming.
With his guitar on his back Pedro arrives at Madrid in Autum of 2008 and right the following
spring in between of alcohol, smoke and laughs at Tatto’s living room they decide to make a death
metal band. Embloodyment’s first riffs were pounded in that same living room and soon they
began to write their first materials. After a long brainstorming in where guitar and bass sound
together with alcohol and smoke were always present, the name “Embloodyment” comes up from
an old idea Tatto had in his teenage years.
Few later Felipe, member of Dhul Karnain, joins the band as drummer, and the band project starts
taking form. They rent a rehearsal local by hour and start jamming more often.
But it was not long when Felipe decides to quit Embloodyment due he was already playing in 3
different bands. Without a moment to think of the effect of losing a drummer, Tatto meets J.C.
(Vocals in Spiritual Intervention) in a birthday party who was looking for a band to play drums or
do vocals. Of course, after another laugh and drinks session, Tatto tells him that they don’t need
vocals but proposes him to join as drummer if he is up to playing in a death metal band. This way
in 2010, J.C. officially joining Embloodyment, the band begins to take shape with what would be
the actual band members.
Few jam sessions later when the band begins to get in shape, they decide to take a step further
and add to the band’s line up another guitar in order to add give more sound power to their
materials.And they’re clear of what kind of band member they want; they want a guy who plays
good guitars but above all, a guy who reallyunderstand the essence of Embloodyment and enjoys doing music.
Therefore JC proposes Victor(Vic) who played the guitar with him in Spiritual Intervention and at that time was not playing in
any band. They invited Víctor to one their jam sessions. And after another alcohol and smoke
session, he got to like the band’s shit and the next day he appeared on the door with his guitar.
This way in 2011 Embloodyment’s completes it line up and starts to work hard on its materials.
They start by arranging already finished materials and writing new ones. Following the band
comes up with some show offers with friend bands and starts to play metal locals in Madrid. Then
they decide to record the first demo which copies are given to metal heads coming to their shows.
Bit by bit the band gets to be kwon among other extreme metal bands and begins to get shows
outside Madrid too.
At the end of 2013, Embloodyment decides to record a bit more serious demo with materials
they’ve been performing on stage. The demo would be recorded and produced at the band’s
rehearsal studio and given the named “Let it bleed”
From then on, the band decides to present its demo work in different local shows in Madrid and
other cities (Salamanca, Leon, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Badajoz…) with other Spanish and
international bands (Agresiva, Mind Holocaust, E-force, Estampida, Descomunal, Sheratan,
Gloom, Rancor, Vermis De Inferni, Matadero, Omission, Metal Legion, Mortem Tirana, Stillnes,
Abbadon Incarnate, Disaffected etc.). While performing in shows they still keep working on new

In summer of 2015 the band gets in studio to record its first album, “The One Before the Last”,
which starts with intro, followed by 7 burtal themes and ends with an outro. The songs are
recorded at VAST Studio by Alvaro, Muri, Saul and Marcos who have work as live sound
engineers for well known musicians as Raphael, Malu, Alejandro Sanz, Estopa, etc. The artwork is
done by Ricardo Caballero (
Besides recording at the studio, the band comes up with full idea for a videoclip as promotion for
“The One Before the Last”. The video would be made by the band itself with the help of some
friends in doing the makeup, filming, production, edition and arrangements. The idea for this
video was clear. It had to be in Z level movie style!!
In March 2018, after the promotion of their previous work, and while they are immersed in the
composition of the songs that will make up their second full-length album, they sign for the Base
Record Production label.
In the meantime, they continue to spin and play on stage both throughout the national territory
and in France, where they make three dates with Sönambula.
The label itself proposes to participate in a Split, Death Metal Cvult, together with the bands
Karmak, Vepkòç and Ruthless, which will be released in September 2019 in 12 ”vinyl format and
later in a more extended edition in cd.
And finally, at the end of January 2020 with the collaboration of its label, Base Record, its second
long duration, Circus Horribilus, recorded by the band itself, mixed and mastered by Álvaro Ureña
and Victor Romo, comes to light again with the artwork of Ricardo Caballero.
The rest is still be written…






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