Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Entrevista a Hercobulus by D.C.

What are the origins of the band? and did you have other band name before?
A. Brahiam Valero.-
Hercobulus was born when we decided to make thrash metal, we adopted by this name since its meaning is destruction, power and that is what we represent on stage. this has been the name since we started, we have never changed the name
Raymundo cano.- well, we started hercobulus when we left high school. brahiam and I knew each other and decided to form an extreme metal band, at that time we had no idea that it would be hercobulus. I proposed the name of the band and the others accepted it, practically from the beginning it has been their name

How did you all meet? A not how long have you all known each other?

A. Brahiam Valero.- We met since high school, we each practiced an instrument and one day we got together to practice and we agreed on ideas to make music. we know each other almost 20 years
Raymundo Cano.- As I was saying, we met from high school brahiam, me and the first bassist. we have to know each other 21 years hahaha more than half of our lives
And what year did you all form the group? and a how long afterwards did it take you just are writing original music?
A. Brahiam Valero.- The band was formed since November 2003 in Monterrey Nuevo Leon.
before forming hercobulus, we already had some ideas to capture, so by March next year we already had 5 original songs
Rymundo  Cano.- The band was formed in 2003, but the name was obtained in 2004 as a hercobulus since we began to perfect our music. We started from the first day, brahiam had a lot of music ready to get it out of his mind and some lyrics it was only a matter of time to fix them and to record our first demo
Where did you all start performing? and what other than use have you performed at since being together?
A. Brahiam Valero.-
when we started we got together several bands and organized shows in houses, garages, some billiards and small bars. we've been in contests, auditions for bigger shows
Raymundo  Cano.- When it all started, we tried our luck in some local bars and getting together with other bands to organize gigs helped us promote ourselves.
Which one of you are the ones that write the music and is it a group effort?  who writes the lyrics?
A. Brahiam Valero.-In my case, I compose the music of the band and the lyrics of the band.
Then comes the time when we all meet to give the final touch and each one gives his personal touch and we give life to each song
Raymundo Cano.- Usually brahiam takes care of most of the creativity, one day he comes with a riff and tells us what can we do?
so we talked about the setting of the song and we shaped it.
the lyrics equal brahiam arrives with the lyrics adapted to the songs he creates and if we have to accommodate something, we do it
Who Are Your Biggest Influences?
A. Brahiam Valero.-
my great influences to play and do music range from the who, van hallen, metallica, chuck berry, destruction, venom, sodom, kreator, violent force and diyng fetus
Raymundo Cano.-slayer is one of my greatest influences in music. Dave Lombard inspires me to play the drums. exodus, metallica, sepultura, ac / dc and other bands
What’s The Craziest Thing That’s Happened On Tour?
A. Brahiam Valero.- There have been many, but of which I remember most is once we got off the bus and left us on the road, we had to walk 9 hours to reach our destination in the early morning and the cold, the drummer closed his throat and not I could breathe. We arrived almost dead, but we gave a good show.
The other one that I remember is that we were on the beach and we were already drunk, we had a section of photos before playing and we went to the wave breakers when it was my turn to jump one almost fell into the sea and I had a deep injury to the leg which did not I attended and was bleeding while playing
Raymundo Cano.-because each tour has something special, in general I am very calm, but brahiam is crazy. fights, a lot of alcohol and well, we try to make that balance very crazy but at the same time calm in the band
What’s Your Songwriting Process?
A. Brahiam Valero.-usually the lyrics are of conspiracy issues I think about all that happens and the music I do setting the lyrics
Raymundo Cano.-
It is simple, here we all have ideas to make music and lyrics, but generally brahiam comes with a proposal and we listen to it, if there is something that we do not like, we change it, or we improve it, but in the end it is everyone's decision for the good of hercobulus
What is the ultimate direction on this latest album that you are   Currently working and the studio ? compared of the thrash from hell?
A. Brahiam Valero.-
Okay, our new album is better worked in terms of sound, the music that we will present in it transmits to the fans that feeling of being there while the lyrics give you the panorama. a desolate scene they will feel that rage that we feel when doing it. thrashing from hell has a different theme, infernal feast
Raymundo Cano.-
In this new album I feel that we have a musical maturity that we have not had before, and that will be felt by our fans when they listen to it. we are striving to provide you with an album that you enjoy and feel
We've done research on your group ? we could not find a lot of information about you all not even any type of recent touring?
A. Brahiam Valero.- that answer is correct, previously we had to stop due to the change of some members we add that we are preparing the new album and we are very focused on it, as soon as we have it in our hands I prepare a tour for the presentation
Raymundo Cano.- I think it is because we are dedicating a lot of time to this album, we are planning to finish it and go on tour with a lot of power and that our fans say… it was worth the wait.

How can your fan base access to your music?

A. Brahiam Valero.- on all digital platforms such as youtube, spotify, iTunes, dezeer, apple, google play, and of course on the official website of our label.as well as on our social networks, facebook, instagram, youtube, tweeter, etc, etc.
Raymundo Cano.-All our music can be found on the official pages of our record ,

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