Tuesday, March 17, 2020

HASSWUT interview by Didac López.

HASSWUT was formed in 2013 by 2 members of Mind Driller and Zufo, what can you tell me about the principles of the band?

The beginning arose without further ado. Seeing where the Mind Driller sound was going, there were sounds that we wanted to make and had no place there.

So we decided to take those other songs out in the studio with no intention other than to record something, without thinking about records, much less playing live, which was something we didn't want.

How many albums have you released?

To date we have 3 Wir Sind album…, FALSCH! and ATOMKRIEG. Between FALSCH and ATOMKRIEG we put out a compilation as we ran out of copies of the first albums and we did not have cds in the market for concerts and people asked us for them.

I have heard the last one and I have been impressed. At least you remind me a lot of
Rammstein, Oomph! .... are they some of your influences?

Yes, those may be the best known by people but we also like Ruoska, OST + Front, Eisbrecher, Nachtmahr, ... the truth is that in the end everything you listen to unconsciously can influence you. What we are clear about is that every day we want to hear new bands that fill us and not keep the usual.

At first listening to you, I never thought that you were a band
national.You are from Alicante. Do you know any band of this style in our country?

If you mean electro / industrial if there is, maybe not as many as other styles like Heavy or punk, but there we are.

You have bands like Psideralica, Mind Driller, Larva, Terrolokaust, ...

Why did you choose the name Hasswut (Hate in our language?

It sounded good to us, it is a fusion of the words hate and anger and it sounded and continues to sound very direct to us. It reflects what the attitude of the band is.

If memory serves me right, you are the first band to sing in German
In our country? Because you chose that language and not the English occasion
like other bands? I personally like it.

If there have been bands singing in German in Spain, perhaps not in almost all of their songs but in some of them. If it is true that compared to English or Spanish we are a minority but there we are making ourselves heard.

Choosing German is basically because almost everything we hear is in German and especially Dani feels more comfortable in that language. Anyway, in this last album we have been putting some things in Spanish.

What do the lyrics usually talk about?

Well, in general they are usually critical lyrics, whether with the church, the attitude of the people or extremism. We also leave something for topics like sex, love and things like that.

Do you compose them all?

It all depends on the subject. Sometimes everything comes out of the bases of zufo and from there Javi goes stuffing, others directly Javi gets up inspired and surprises us with a theme that is practically over. Once the entire musical part is over, Dani mostly begins to shape the lyrics.

How are the concerts going, have you toured only in the peninsula or have you already played in Europe?

Almost everything we have done has been for Spain although we could also be with our previous album in France and Germany. With this new one we are going to return to Germany but the festival ended up being canceled ...

What response is "ATOMKRIEG" having among fans and media

Among the followers it seems that they are liking it a lot and they are the most important part you want or not. Respect for the media depends, the serious media well or very well. Then there are those who call themselves media that are boring and make you give birth because you use electronics or because you don't tap your music.

Luckily we kill two birds with one stone, we like some of them and we hate a lot the others that do not see beyond the usual.

Finally, say what you want?
Thank you very much for your time and dedication. We look forward to meeting you later and being able to thank you in person.

01. Der Radioaktive Mann
02. Scheisse
03. Vorwärts
04. Atomkrieg
05. Die Macht
06. La Purga
07. Der Weg
08. Rette Mich
09. Angstlos
10. Dreck
11. Atomkrieg (Egvnn Remix)
12. Die Macht (Loko5t4r)
13. Vorwärts (A.T. Modell Remix) 




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