Tuesday, March 10, 2020

HELVETESTROMB "Demonic Excrements Cursed With Life" Black Metal (Sweden)

Band members: 
Anal Desekrator: Guttural Screams ov Hate / Ass-opening Bass Grym 
Ejakulator (ov Doom): 666 Stringed Chainsaw 
Überführer (ov Sado-Violations): Gnawed Leper Bones

Helvetestromb was formed in 2010, back then under the name Skoll. During a drinking binge, three of the original four members (Sebastian “Überführer ov Sadistik Violations” Messa, Tom “Grym Ejakulator” Ahlqvist and Axel “(Piss and) Shitlord” Sjöberg) contemplated over how awesome it would be to play music similar to what they loved to listen to. The idea was formed to make punk inspired black metal you'd want to bang your head and mosh to. Next day, the soon to be vocalist (Jesper “Anal Desekrator” Tennemo) was informed that he was now in a band and it was time to start rehearsing. The following years came with a few accomplishes and some setbacks as a new drummer (Hjalmar “Lord Necrofleshcunt” Klitse Kyrö) for a time was included in the band but let go sometime later. After some serious strains within the band, the rhythm guitarist (Axel) was forced to leave the band in the summer of 2014. This allowed the remaining members to really step up their game. Also, the band’s adherence to black metal declined more and more, to make room for more thrash-sounding, heavy metal power surges. By the summer of 2014, their first professionally recorded tracks came out as an EP dished out on cassette, and its name was Helvetestromb (Hell Tornado). It received overly positive feedback from its listeners and reviewers. During the recording of their first full-length album in 2016, Skoll finally changed name to Helvetestromb, the Swedish word for an all-consuming, furious tornado of hell. The band had now crystallized into a solid power-trio with a united ambition to create a shitstorm of fast, raw and punkish metal in opposition to the modern metal scene, mixing everything they love about metal into one unrelenting, leatherclad creation of blasphemy.

                 Helvetestromb - Skitberget


Tracklist 1.Tempesta di Merda (A legion of Jesus Christs) 2.Restless Satan 3.Skitberget 4.Holy Christian Airstrike 5.The Demon Bell 6.Kloakerna under Hel 7.Bog of Eternal Stench 8.Warmongo 9.Tormentive Retribution 10.Sifting Excrements (Through the Teeth) 11.Morningstar:Whore crusher  

www.facebook.com/helvetestromb skollsthlm.bandcamp.com

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