Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Heterogeneous Andead - "Deus Ex Machina" ( Symphonic Metal Japan)

HETEROGENEOUS ANDEAD is Melodic & Symphonic Electro Death/Thrash metal band in Tokyo, Japan. The sound is based on Thrash metal with Progressive metal, added the Electronic & Symphonic sounds, and all of them is sung by Mezzo-soprano & female growl voices. In 2012, the leader Yusuke Kiyama started as the project. HETEROGENEOUS ANDEAD is formed in 2013, and the current vocalist Haruka joined in 2014. The bassist Takashi Onitake joined in 2017, and the guitarist Masaya Kondo joined in 2018. 1st EP “UNDEAD” was released in 2015, then joined to the TERRORIZER Magazine No.266 CD. And we joined with it to JAPAN EXPO in France. 1st full album “DEUS EX MACHINA” was released as pressing for Japan in 2017. In that year we joined to the compilation “IMPERATIVE MUSIC COMPILATION DVD - Volume 14” of Brazilwhich Kreator & Obituary also joined. In 2018 we uploaded our first MV “Automaton” from “DEUS EX MACHINA”, now on YouTube.

        Heterogeneous Andead - Automaton 


1. Flash of Calamity 

2. Denied 

3. Hallucination 

4. Tentacles 

5. Automaton 

6. Unleashed 

7. Tyrant 

8. Obfuscation 

9. Demise of Reign 

10. Fleeting Dawn


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