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Interview with Alyanza by Didac López / Bathory´zine

Alyanza was formed in 2003 and the following year you released the Demo "Jail 1939" sung in Spanish. Back then the voice was Sergio Bermudez (Ex Cyan Bloodbane, Ex Dragonslayer and now in Lyra Mortem) -. He was until 2007 and then Andrés passed, also low, on vocals. Was that when you decided to go from singing in Spanish to English?

-Andrés- Alyanza was formed in 2002, hehehe, yes, when I joined the voices, Manolo and I decided that in better English.

Before playing in Alyanza, had any of its members played in other groups?

-Andrés- I was at Crusade which was heavy metal and Abrahel, black metal.
-Alberto- I have been to several, including Crisis Alma and Fuck Off.
-Marta- I have done a little of everything, the first group in which I met Alberto was Harmmony Dreams, which was melodic death and in which I was the singer. I also spent some time in Fuck Off as a bass player, but where I got personally involved the most was as a singer for Crisis Alma.
-Alf-I was a guitarist in Zarrio and The smokers die younger, then I switched to drums in Alyanza.

After your first demo "Mind Control" came out, what was the change from the demo to this first album?
-Andrés- The most significant change was the move to thrash metal, with sharp guitar voices, and thrasher drums.
-Alf-Mainly the style that became more thrash and part of the training. We became three components at that time.

What are your lyrics about?

-Andrés- A little bit of everything, from the consciousness of the mind, coexistence, and other ramblings to the simplest thing that is shitting in the whole system, to the Sex Pistol.
-Alberto- Although this latest album is not conceptual, the truth is that more than half of the songs speak, to a large extent, of the personal microcosm and its conflicts.
-Marta- Delving into the conceptual part of the album, I would add that we have related the internal conflict affecting the metaphysical part of the human being and the torture that this involves.
-Alf-A little bit of everything, about society, things that happen in the world and good or bad feelings that every person in their life goes through ..

Do you do them all?

-Andrés- In the first 3 we did them between Manolo and me, and the latter, we did them between the 3 Alberto, Marta and me.
-Marta- The truth is that it has been surprisingly easy to work the letters cooperatively. It has been very fluid, since without seeking it, we have all agreed on the thematic approach, which is in keeping with the musical sense of the themes.
-Alf-For my part not since I am not good at writing them hahaha.

Your second album was called "A New Beginning" followed by "Gods" and now shortly the fourth called "Life, Human ..." will be released. I met you with "Gods" and it hooked me from the first moment. What can your fans, including myself, expect from this new work?

-Andrés- Well, this new album has a little bit of everything, it is even more varied than Gods and it also has some pretty cool songs.
-Alberto- We try to maintain the varied spirit of the Gods by increasing the extremes. In addition to flirting with death metal and some more sinister textures, we have used much more orchestration than in previous works.

You have come to play in one of the Rock Fest editions and you have even supported bands like Sodom and Onslaught. You haven't stopped playing. Do you have any offer from abroad to go play?

-Andrés- Well, the truth, not yet. We hope that this year and with this album, we can go outside.
-Alf-Not at the moment, but I think I remember that at some point there was an occasion.

In recent times there have been changes in the band, you have included Marta Roura on keyboards. Why is the inclusion of keyboards in the band, is it because of the new songs?

-Andrés- Alyanza since the 2nd disc has included keyboards in some parts of her songs, and on a couple of occasions a friend had played with us live. The latter if it has a lot of keyboard.
-Alberto- Andrés designed the new formation with that idea in mind, to be able to use denser and more varied arrangements. This has allowed us to include songs that were not designed for a more conventional structure.
-Alf-Because in some songs (even from the first album) there are recorded bases and in the last songs even more. In addition to filling the topics much more and earning a lot live.

Talk to us a little about "Life, Human ..."?
-Andrés- This Life, Human ... is the culmination of a long time of work, after the departure of Gods and the departure also of Manolo. 3 years have passed and we have tried to capture all our inspiration.
-Alberto- I think we have achieved a good balance, we combine themes from almost 30 years ago with other newborns. The stylistic freedom is remarkable, without pretending to address a certain audience, it is very open.
-Marta- I join the opinion of others and I add that although as we have already said, the album is very free and offers from very polemical themes to calmer themes, passing through complex themes to others that are more direct, the ensemble remains very integrated.
-Alf-They are a little more complex and complete, the truth is that they personally fit very well with what we do and are very well adapted to keyboards. The solos are outrageous and quite polemic.

With many friends I have talked to, most have told me that you are the Spanish Kreators. Has this band influenced you? And personally what are the influences of each member of the band.

-Andrés- All music influences you when composing yours. Kreator for me is the best Thrash group, but I don't see much like Alyanza either ... hahaha
-Alberto- From Mike Oldfield to Morbid Angel.
-Marta- I listen to very diverse music, from sinister techno to extreme death metal. If the song or the group reaches me and makes my skin stand on end ... go ahead with it !! And yes, Kreator is one of them.
-Alf-More than influencing, some may be similar. For my part, the influences are very varied, from groups like Slayer to bands like Cannibal Corpse.

Finally say what you want.
-Andrés- Well, thank you Didac, for this interview, and that soon we will have this new album for sale, in all stores. Thanks Didac.
-Alberto- Thank you very much and to all those interested in our music.
-Marta- Thank you also for offering us the opportunity to make our music known a little more. We hope you like it and enjoy the album.
-Alf-First thank you very much for having us in the interview and I hope that our new job pleases the public and goes as far as possible !!
Thank you.

Didac López / Bathory´zine - Spain

Line up:
Andres (vocals/bass)

Alfons (Drums)
 Edu (ritmic guitars) 
Alberto (lead guitar)
 Marta Roura (Keyboard)

To call : 672 26 68 43

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