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Interview with Burning (Colombia) by D.C

What are the origins of the band? and did you have another band name before?

David (D): the band started in 2007, as a NWOBHM project.  Late the same year, the first line up decided to name the band BURNING, after DEEP PURPLE'S song “BURN". The band never got any other Names.
Ronnie(R): I met the band through the internet. I was really looking for a project that had the same interests on creativity, ideals, identity and above all, concept.

I saw the ad that they were looking for a guitar on a website about metal. He responded to the call and, to date, it seems that he met expectations.

Sebastian (S): Burning was thought to be a band that would rise out from the old European metal sound, with stints of that darkness only Latin American history can give to everything. At first the band played a NWOBHM style, but as time passed by the German thrash metal sound took a main role in composition. The hatred and anger of middle-aged young men, with all the problems related to a underdeveloped country printed a trace that, essay after essay, grew mature and became something the band used to compose, top play live and to be a trademark of the band. That mixture of thing is what burning is. Burning, as a flame, and in honor to Deep purple’s Burn, has always been our name.
How did you all meet? And how long have you all known each other?

D: I met Julián, one of BURNING's founder, in a thrash death metal project that we had in collage, back un 2008 or so.  Later, in 2011 he asked me to join BURNING but I refused his offer due to other commitments with other bands.  In 2012 he asked me again to join BURNING, for recording and live performances, so I agreed. It’s been 8 years in the band. I know Ronnie since he got in the band, almost 3 years ago, maybe… I’m not good with dates.
S: I first met David when he entered the band. He had been a long-time friend of our guitarist at the time, and when in need, David was summoned top play the Bass Guitar around eight or nine years ago. His presence in scene, his commitment with Colombian metal scene and his views about metal made him a perfect match to take the bass play role. Al lot the last became more evident when burning gathered after a two years break, with David as the new Singer and as the face of the band. His character has been important for the band. Ronnie entered the band around two years ago. That’s when we met him. He impressed us with his skills, and since he’s became a great composer that has been able to understand what burning is all about, giving it a hue of sounds that has made us evolve our sound, always keeping our main thoughts as our main foundation.

And what year did you all form the group? and a how long afterwards did it take you just are writing original music?

D: 2007 was the year when BURNING's first line up went to a rehearsal room. Even considering that BURNING has performed covers from other bands (just for fun), along the life of the band, all of his members (past and actual) have been always focused on writing original music and lyrics.  We hate cover bands.  Real musicians use their talent to go original, not to copy others. Fuck cover “wannabe's".
R:  I am the newest member to date. Since I started interacting with the band, I was inspired to meet new bands that I didn't know. The original music made by the band came from previous recordings such as infernal steel or blasphemy. Since my admission we have been working on new music.
S: I’m not the founding drummer, although I am the member of the band that has been more time in burning. When I became Burning’s drummer, the band was already writing original music. For us, the most important thing has always been showing our views on metal, even though sometimes, a very few, we choose to play some cover to pay tribute to those who it is due. Anyways, the group was formed around 2007, and the first-time y rehearsed with burning as a member of the band was in 2010.

Where did you all start performing? and what other than use have you performed at since being together?

D: BURNING started playing in small venues, pubs from their own neighborhood and friend's houses. Ever since, we have performed in a lot of places, one different to another, from private metal pubs, to big auditoriums and public parks. We have stayed under, though.
S: The first shows came short after founding the band, in 2009.
Which one of you are the ones that write the music and is it a group effort?  who writes the lyrics?
D: I usually write lyrics and music. But I always put those creations to my fellows’ opinions. They help me to make the songs better, giving me ideas for the lyrics and how to make the song faster, harder and more offensive. So, it’s always a group effort.
R: We all participate in the composition and arrangements. The lyrics if they are mostly David.
S: For the Victims’ songs, most of the song were composed by Julián Crosby, founder of Burning and Singer/lead guitarist at that moment. The lyrics were written by Sebastian. On recent years, and since Ronnie became the guitarist, the music composing has been his and David’s, while the lyric writing has been all David’s duties.

Who Are Your Biggest Influences?

D: that’s always a very hard question to answer. Talking about my personal case, I have a lot of influences inside and outside metal. I have rock influences such as QUEEN, RAINBOW, ELF, MOTORHEAD and CHUCK BERRY. Also, I got influenced by the feeling of blues, I always Enjoy music from HOWLING WOLF, he taught me that no matter how much shit we get from reality, music Will always be there. I am a huge Punk enthusiast, I love MISFITS, THE EXPLOITED, G.B.H., THE ADDICTS and THE CASUALTIES. Inside metal I have influences in JUDAS PRIEST, RUNNING WILD, HELLOWEEN (only the WALLS OF JERICHO era), SODOM, KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, SABBAT (Japan), ANGEL WITCH, CRANIUM, BATHORY, OLD METTALLICA (1982-1989 R.I.P.), VENOM, and Colombia's classics such as WITCHTRAP, SOBIBOR and SKULL. I am influenced mainly by old school real music. And I know a lot of actual bands with that spirit, like STALLION, ENFORCER, SKELETONWITCH, WITCHTOWER and RANGER, but I think old is better, rather than so many boring soft-core politically correct hippie bullshits from nowadays. I’m not old, but I prefer it. So, fuck nowadays stupid “metal”.
R: is too broad a question. I think our most relevant influence is street metal. Real metal, uncomfortable, that is contestatory. Already related to bands in my case the most relevant is the entire NWBOHM.
S: Well, obviously NWOBHM bands such as ANGEL WITCH, RAVEN, DIAMOND HEAD, GRIM REAPER and SATAN. Those are giant influences at first and are giant influences now. Nonetheless, Teutonic thrash metal bands like DESTRUCTION, KREATOR, VIOLENT FORCE and DEMOLITION HAMMER, along with American bands in DARK ANGEL and MORBID SAINT style made our sound more thrashy. Nowadays, Speed Metal has taken a great role in our composition.

What’s the Craziest Thing That’s Happened On Tour?

D: Years ago, we traveled to a city called Ibagué, here in Colombia. We played in a whore house that the promoter rented for the show, with no girls on it (what a shame!). Before that, we found out we got to sleep on a Kindergarten where this way used to work. He asked it to his boss for all the bands involved in the show. There was nobody, so the place was ours.  Damn! So many alcohol and drugs! It was a real Rock N' Roll experience. Now we remembered with joy and fun.  We have change.
S: Touring is always crazy because David and Ronnie are maniacs. But the anecdotic stuff that I like the most has to do with our fans. Once, in Boyacá, we had to stop our show twice because people were destroying the place. The first time we were playing “Killing Spree”
and bottles began to fly everywhere at music’s beat. The second time, when we were in the middle of “Aggressive Possession”, a couple of chairs and a wooden table were broken by the people. The organizer asked to stop and talk to the people because they were thrashing the place.

What’s Your Songwriting Process?

D: personally, I start imagine what I want to hear in a song.  Then I take my Bass and start typing some notes. I use a software to write the notes, for I always forget them some days later. For the lyrics, I write exactly what average suckers are afraid of hearing. The more offensive, the better. Or just write about things that happens to me or things I like (movie, book and stuff like that).
S: We, as a band, discuss the kind of lyrics that represent us. David take all that and, depending on the mood or on the lyric type, writes lyrics that may go along with the music or accompany it.
What is the ultimate direction on this latest album Currently working on in the studio? compared of the victims of fear album?

D: I think it’s a wider vision of our music. We have been exploring classic sounds of Heavy Metal, with extremely fast Speed Metal rhythms, creating longer and more complex songs, never forgetting raw and aggressive old school Thrash Metal, and the Underground ways. “VICTIMS OF FEAR" was a very good album, a lot of people loved it, inside and outside Colombia. But we want to do something else. We don't want to be known just for one album. We want to show ourselves that we can do better, and we want to share our New ideas with other headbangers, hopefully with some beer!
S: All the satanic bullshit is gone. We keep on hating religions and god, and, through a self-critical human position, we believe that every idol should be destroyed. On that line, all those panda boys that love Satan, that praise him, has made of him an idol, a figure to be loved. On our first album we used Satan to show how idiotic religions are, but since Satan is a church’s god to all those satanic boys, we’ve decided to go on another direction. Also, and as we have already said, we are speeding our style and returning to NWOBHM roots at the same time, so you can all expect a change that we like to think as just metal, metal we love to play metal as we believe metal should be.
How can your fan base access to your music?

You can order a physical copy of our album “VICTIMS OF FEAR" to our label SHADOWS OF DEATH RECORDS, or you can Enjoy it on major digital platforms. Also, you can follow us on social networks. We appreciate this interview and we send a huge salutation to all the metal maniacs who read this zine. LONG LIVE METAL!!


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