Monday, March 30, 2020

Interview with Cyan Bloodbane by Didac López.

Cyan Bloodbane, was formed in 1997. Of that very first formation there is only 
Escayola (Guitar) and the Quesada brothers, Toni on drums and Eric on keyboards 
and vocals. 
During this time countless members have passed, why is so much change due?

Hello Didac! A pleasure talking with you!
- The truth is that we have already been 25 years, this May we turned 25, in 1997 
we did 
our first concert, but we had already two years, the changes of formation is a 
normal thing 
in this of music, especially when you do not live from it.
Cyan Bloodbane has always had the door open for everyone, we have never wanted 
this to be 
an obligation, but it is very difficult to combine it with family, work ... perhaps 
now I 
would say that we are at our best!

Have you been on the scene for 23 years, in which you have recorded, 2 demos, 
3 albums and two tributes? What has changed from that first demo "Camino a la sombra" 
to your album "Espiritu de lucha"?

-Well ... maybe we are playing well now !!! the experience is very important, and 
years ago 
we had a lot of desire but we lacked that experience .... as I said before, I think 
that now 
the group sounds very compact and we we understand very well.
The time elapsed between one recording to another, is it because several of you play 
in other bands?

-No no, not at all, it has never influenced that, we never consider the time between 
disc and
 disc, it comes out when we think it is convenient, when we think we have something 
good to offer 
... without haste, although perhaps it took too long to get this last., 

What are your lyrics about?

-Our lyrics started talking about epic themes, about the fantastic genre of sword 
and witchcraft, 
but perhaps now not all lyrics are like that, both in New times and the Spirit of 
struggle, there 
is reference to today's society, the world we live in, the injustices, and also 
regarding more epic 
and fantastic genre issues.
Bands that influenced you to play Power Metal, both national and foreign.

-Evidently when we started in the mid 90's, Power Metal was booming .... bands 
like Running Wild, 
Rage, Grave Digger, Blind Guardian, Stratovarius, Hammerfall, Rhapsody ..... it 
was what we listened 
a lot, since national level of course our two great references, Medina Azahara 
and Sangtrait.

Do you compose the songs together?

-Musically each one contributes his grain of sand .... the theme of the lyrics is 
more personal ... in 
this last album, the lyrics were written by Javi Gianno, (less GRAM,) and previously, 
in New Times they 
were written by Santi Andreo (minus YOUR LAND) ... Eric took care of the lyrics for 
the first two.

I think you have always been self-financed, your work. Have you had any contact with 
any record company?

-Yes, we have had several contacts..but it never seemed appropriate to do so .... we 
think that for now 
it is going well for us ... after all, nobody is going to pay you for the album !! !!
I know that now that with COV19, everything has stopped, until this world pandemic 
Since I have mentioned it, what do you think of this virus?

-Well, it's terrible, the truth is that nobody could imagine all this ...... 😰

Did you have closed concerts, this year?

-The truth is that yes, we had several concerts announced and some more to announce ... we 
do not know what will happen, we find it difficult to return to the live shows this year!

Finally, could you tell me what fans can expect from this, your latest work?

-We are very happy with how it is working, we are selling enough copies, even in 
Europe, we define it Power Metal from the 90s ... who likes epic will love it, we 
forward to going out again to be able to continue presenting it live! 💪💪

Thank you very much, and I hope to see you again soon live.I missed the last one 
you gave in Terrassa in the SalaRagna Rock. They spoke highly of the concert to me.

-Thank you very much, for the unconditional support during these 25 years ... because 
have seen us born !!

Complete Discography:
Camino a la Oscuridad Demo 2000  
Maqueta 2005 Demo 2005  
La última misión Full-length 2007  
Nuevos tiempos Full-length 2013  
Espíritu de lucha Full-length 2019

1. Espíritu de lucha 01:37  
2. Tu miedo es mi arsenal 06:38  
3. Solo me rodea el viento 04:44  
4. Huyendo de ti 04:12  
5. El beso de la lucha 06:41  
6. Los limites del sueño 05:26  
7. Hoy debes resistir 04:21  
8. La celda de tu ego 04:06  
9. Gram 04:28  

Line up:
Antonio Quesada García

Xavier Escayola Tamayo

Eric Quesada García
 Keyboards,Vocals (Backing)

Iván Martín

Mark Oriol

Javi Gianno

Call to : 630 54 41 55

  CYAN BLOODBANE - Hoy Debes Resistir (feat. Elisa       C.Martín)
Interview by Didac "Metallian" López

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