Monday, March 16, 2020

Interview with Pooyan Ahmadi (Bloody Sadism)

Pooyan has been in music since 2014, tell us how you started with Bloody Sadism. You are the one who plays all the instruments and the only member.

Hello everyone. I began the music career in 2008 by Classical guitar and in 2009 I began the professional career.

I started the band in December 2014, when I was the first year of university and I tried to do everything by myself.

 As I have seen previously you had a band called Depreciation-
Did you get to record something?


Yes, I did. I've recorded the debut album but at this moment we're talking, the album is on mixing and mastering processes. Depreciation is an Experimental Project.

The first album will be in old school death metal, Beatdown Hardcore, Slamdown with oriental accent. I've tried to have an experience with something new. Hope the fans like it
                  The album will be released in 2020

 You have also collaborated playing bass in Merdas, Zarbaba, Again, Eanstern, Manshoor among many others, including
you have ever played the guitar.

I've worked with many bands (more than 30 bands) since 2009-present in different genres and as a different member. For example, a guitarist in an orchestral group, a singer in a rock band and many other experiences and I like to work with other bands right now

Is it difficult for a country like Iran to play Brutal Death

These kinds of genres are underground in most of countries and in Iran, I'm thousands feet underground But doesn't matter my friend I like the underground. No one can ruin my mind and screw the genre.

 What bands in your country would you advise us to listen to?

Bloody Sadism and Tension Prophecy are my favorites in my genre.

 Do you have any plans to add musicians in your band in the near future to play live?

Maybe but rather to be alone like putrid pile and others.

Depreciation is a one man band too but I'll have band mates in future.

Your album "Eloquent Atrocity" is having good reviews in several European magazines.
play for Europe

Hell yeah. The reviews were great around the world and I've got great points from the magazines. I hope to be seen more and more

Of course… Why not… I'll play in shows my friend and

Your lyrics speak of Violence, torture .... why did you decide to write this type of lyrics?

 These topics are coming from the darkest part of a human and I think no one did this before.

You know, without these things, it's better to sing about horror things (for me) not these stupid issues (love and others) that other sings.

 What bands influenced you when deciding to be a musician?

Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Uaral were the most influencer for me.

Apart from Europe, how has the album gone for the rest of the world?

There are other labels around the world that Base Record Production (my label) works with them. Check out the list on my pages and label's page. If it is not available in your country, message to BRP directly and order the album and the T-shirt and enjoy.   

 Will there be a second Bloody Sadism album?

Yes, of course .I´m working in it.

 Finally say what you want to people who have not yet listened to your album.

In these days that every country is quarantine, take a listen for free to the album on my band camp ( and enjoy some new wave of death metal from Iran. I'm not looking for money my friends.

Thank you very much for the interview.

 Thanks and have a nice day.

 1.     Intro                     01:20    
2.     Eloquent Atrocity      03:36    
3.     Ecstasy                     03:18    
4.     Ravenous Whore       02:30    
5.     Pregnant Cunt       02:23    
6.     Sadomasochism        03:19    
7.     Withered Vaginal        04:14    
8.     Bipolar Disorder        03:43    
9.     Lucid Dream        03:28      
10.     Outro (Dead in Mind)  03:42

Interview by Didac López

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