Thursday, March 19, 2020

Interview with Slave Pit. (Thrash Metal / North Macedonia) by D.C

What is the process to record your music in your country ?

To start recording  an album in Bulgaria is very difficult mission the problem is we have 5-10 good studios in this country and the recording process is expensive then Usa to be honestly.
For us is easy now because we have our studio we do that for us and for helping bands who dont have money for recording. 
 How did you choose the name of your group ?

The inspiration come from the bloody war in Macedonia in 2001
there was a group of soldier where was a captured by the enemy troops and put in the Pit like Slaves and I decide to rename my band from Nuclear War to Slave Pit.

How is the metal scene in like in Bulgaria?, whats different when you all play the festivals in country?

The metal scene is very good here but the people don`t have money for recordings albums thats is the biggest problem where we have there
is a soo much artist with music and we have a big festivals here there is a history for the big festivals here.

We have many big festivals here in Bulgaria where Metallica,Judas and Maiden was a headliners and few of festivals are

Midilare next year Judas are headliners and 60 bands more another great one fest was in Plovdiv and name is Hills Of Rock
Varna Rock is third and there is a maybe 10 more festivals a little smaller then this 3 big festivals.

What are the red tapes to perform in festivals like in Bulgaria?, or in other countries in Europe?

For Bulgaria is easy you pay to play on the biggest festivals here they are 3 🙂 so if you pay you are in the tape if you don`t you know the answer 🙂
But for the Europe you send your music your bios and epk and they decide are you play or not and I like that.

 Do you have like a big following in your country?

we have a good following but our mission is europe and the worlds there in bulgaria we don`t want to have so much people that is because we to play outside in the world we Have Enough gigs here.

Where all are you planning to tour in Europe will you be making your way to Spain?

We travel everywhere with our car and yeah we will go any where in every county where the people wants to see us. we are metalhead and we will come  to destroy your ass ❤ little joking loves and respect.

What were the pros and cons to recording your first album? , and you feel like you could have done better?

The recordings for my first album are worst then ever I have a members who hate themself and they refuse to be a real members for that I threw  them out  from my band.
yes we have a lot but we did not have  The budget
 to finish the first record.
and we get help from close friends and now the second album will be far from the first records and speed and brutal now the new stuffs
 are brutal thrash death and expect the unexpected from us soon.

 This year you will released a New album, what are the pros and cons compared to your first album to your second album? do you have any expectation for it?

we still don't know for the new album yes we have it's done but we wait now we will do proffessional recordings and we wont hurry up with that stuff we have a lot changes in our music changes

the style I have now killer members and we hgave a news Tony from Venom inc will be a guest in our song there is a tons of news but one by one.

How is the Corona virus affected you and the group on your  tour dates?

the Virus fuck us up . we cancel 5 shows for now and there is a way to cancel our europe tour with Rebaelium and Sacramental Blood and i`m scared really but if they cancell the tour we gonna do next year for sure.


At War with People EP 2014  
Massacre on the Battlefield Full-length 2018

1. Intro / Radiation 02:43  
2. Artillery Barrage 02:41   
3. At War with People 02:23  
4. Ancient Disease 03:28  
5. Fire Madness 04:17  
6. R.I.P. in Hell 03:29  
7. Massacre on the Battlefield
8. Sound of Destruction 02:38  
9. Shinobi 03:43  
10. Ruka Metalna 

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