Thursday, March 12, 2020

Iron Maiden album review - Iron Maiden (1980)

Launched on April 14, 1980 and being its members:

Steve Harris: bass

Paul Di'Anno: vocals

Dennis Straton: guitar

Clive Burr: drums

Dave Murray: guitar

They wrap us up with their first song "Prowler" a song with a catchy sound which 
transports us to a certain place that narrates the song, the guitar solo of the song 
is really spectacular creating a bond with the listener, in this way Maiden opens the 
We continue with "Remember Tomorrow" a song that in my opinion brings 
a bit of nostalgia, creating a solitary eighties atmosphere, just like 
"Prowler" the song is a narration in first person, the composition at 
times becomes accelerated thanks to the solos guitar giving a great 
Later "Running Free" follows a song that manages to lead us directly to 
be the main protagonist of the story, imagine that we are together with 
several colleagues in a truck with no money and no luck, later drinking 
something and feeling freedom, the song is magnificent, but it just means 
"I'm free"
Phantom Of The Opera, masterpiece, from beginning to end, excellent 
bass, excellent solos, the longest song on the album, but its 7min is 
completely worth it, the song itself tells us about a spectrum "The 
Phantom of the Opera" .

We continue with Transylvania, the only instrumental song on the album, 
its sound is very catchy, sometimes it brings me the idea of ​​a street 
chase or something similar, not only because being instrumental means 
that it lags behind the other songs, because it is quite the opposite, 
it is a great song very well composed that just listening to it for a 
few seconds you know that it is about Maiden.
The continuation of Transylvania is "Strange World" song with a 
similarity to Remember Tomorrow in the somewhat sad field, this song 
is not very fast as the previous ones but that does not mean that it 
is not another excellent melody, the song tells us about a around that 
cannot be understood, so it is better to live in our "strange world".
 Posteriormente llega "Sanctuary" (cabe recalcar que la canción no 
se incluyo en el álbum de ciertos países) una canción que evidencia 
claramente las influencias punk que poseía Maiden en sus dos primeros 
trabajos con Di'Anno.

"Charlotte The Harlot" antepenúltima canción del disco, una canción 
que habla acerca de la situación de estar enamorado de una prostituta, 
llevando en sí el desamor y el repudió que esta ocasiona pero sin perder
 ese sonido genial que posee la banda.

"Iron Maiden" una canción símplemente genial (aunque su letra es muy 
repetitiva) el bajo sobresale como en las demás canciones, las guitarras 
resuenan junto con la batería y el vocalista se impone con su singular voz.

Para mi Iron Maiden de Iron Maiden es una obra maestra de principio a fin, 
es ante mi opinión el mejor álbum de Maiden con canciones que marcaron la 
historia de esta gran banda.

By Anderson J. 
              Iron Maiden - Running free 1980

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