Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Jared Nichols James/Laura Cox - Chronicle by Javier Barba Vallejo.

Last night we attended the concert offered by the bands of Laura Cox 
and Jared James Nichols, supported by Wolfjaw, in the La Nau hall in Barcelona.
One of the best in the city with a very attentive staff always towards the 
public, for me it is a room of 10 !!!!
We must thank Etín Productions for the project of the great Xavi Estrinaga 
and Jordi Portnoy who brought us this piece of tour and who took a risk in a 
room like La Nau, since Laura Cox alone on her first visit exhausted Rocksound 
and it is very grateful that the public responded to the appointment and the city 
does not lose balls of this category.
We arrived a little late and we saw only the farewell of Wolfjaw who
 played only half an hour but left a good taste in the mouth for what 
they told us.
And Laura Cox Band came out to eat it all .... and she did it !!!! .
With a direct pipe from Hard Rock, Blues and even a Country song with 
a semi-acoustic guitar, Mathieu Albiac the co-founder of the band was 
brilliant at all times to the guitar at the same or higher height than 
Laura. Ah! And mention to Monique the new bassist who joined the band 
last Wednesday for the Madrid concert and fulfilled, an hour of performance 
that charged us the batteries waiting for the high-voltage discharge that came 
with us Yankee
I had not seen Jared James Nichols since his first visit, opening for Zakk 
Wilde a few years ago, and I saw him get out of control, I freaked out with 
the loud sound that was given to the bass, I was very happy!
It was a spectacle to see Jared sing with all the filigree guitars playing 
without a spike, I take out a guitarist friend a Toni Martinez with whom they 
played a song and had some impressive guitar conversations, followed the 
spectacular Bolako and repeated Laura Cox going out to play Hendrix's version 
of Foxy Lady sung by both and with their particular guitar talks.
It was a tour of great promises of young people triumphing internationally in 
Rock / Blues and ensuring a very dignified future and continuity.
Many of the photos of this chronicle are from my friend Txema Carreira who were 
together seeing part of the bolus and a pleasure to greet as always the friends 
Rafa Ariño, Jordi Pons, Jaume Bellini, Ferran Descarrega and Xavi Estrinaga ...... 
Grandessssss !!!!!
Chronicle and pictures Javier Barba Vallejo.

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