Thursday, March 26, 2020

JOLLY JOKER (Hard Rock /Spain)

JollyJoker was born in early 2009 when LazyLane, then-singer on Silent Poisony, Jannick
guitarist in Traum, they decided to start a
New Hard Rock band based on the sounds of the great American bands of the eighties and northern Europe. Tree t Sleay GlamRock
based on the sound of KISS, NewYorkDolls, MotleyCrüe, SkidRow, BackyardBabies, HardcoreSuperstar and a host of classic rock bands.
To start the machinery that would later become JollyJoker, they contacted HolyGun (ShameCity) and later with Kickstarts
(Rawsickers) and Eddie, both with a long resume in the Valencian Sleazy scene. After a few months and rehearsals, the band jumps onto the stage for
First time supporting the punk legend Newyorkino, KevinK, leaving everyone speechless for its spectacular sound and execution.
following months, and after recording their first EP at the Dirty Deeds Studios with Massieu at the controls, the band toured all over Spain supporting the agent
like AdamBomb, TheQuireboys, CrazyLixx, WarriorSoul, and many others having the opportunity to head their own tour and having a great
response by critics and the public.

Already in 2011 the band turned again opening for L.A. Guns and was part of the event more
Harley Davidson national team, the “Barcelona Harley Days” .After winning
the second Pop Rock contest of the Heartbreak Hote in Alicante, the band enters RPM
Studios to record their first album “SexBooze & Tattoos”, mastered by MikaJussila
at Finnvox Studios.

At the end of the recording Andy is replaced by Luke below and the band begins his tour
promotion, sweating Rock n roll on more than thirty-five dates and accompanying
bands like Hardcore Superstar or Dinazty. This was a great experience and
helped the band venture once again into tudian RPMS in 2015 to record the
second bomb to be titled “HereCometheJokers” mastered in Seawol fStudios
in Helsinki.
The album was a before and after, the critical response was simply
Incredible, it was released on CD and Vinyl and surpassed the sales of its previous album.

In 2018 he enters the studio again to record his third album entitled “Never say Forever” by the acambia producer band in this
occasion .... The winner of a Grammy, Manuel Tomás, was chosen and recorded and mastered between Millenia Studios, Crossfade Mastering, Fireworks
Studios and Mojave, to get to what is undoubtedly their final album. A collection of hits and songs of authentic Rock n Roll from the bowels.
Immediately after the edition of Never Say Forever, Andrea Siegl (Ex-Paradox, MyDarkestHate) from Germany, takes over
of the four strings and the band faces the biggest festivals they have had to date, CanMercader, RipolletRock, ElectricRock
Day, and the RockChildren solidarity festival, show the incredible shape of the band. Since “Never say Forever”, Jolly Joker has been
transformed into a RocknRoll Bulldozer, without brakes that will not stop until they destroy everything in their path.



          Jolly Joker - I am Rock n´Roll

 Line up:

Lazy Lane - Vocals /
Yannick - Lead Guitar /
Andreas Siegl - Bass /
Alex Rayder- Drums / Bateria



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