Monday, March 30, 2020

Macrodex / Crypt Of Kerberos

Eskilstuna (1989). They start under the name of MACRODEX. Great and fundamental for 
any fan of the genre. Dirty, moldy and highly cryptic sound. Already as CRYPT OF KERBEROS 
his first works are pure half-time brutality with an undeniable resemblance to first-timers 
BOLT THROWER. It is almost impossible to find a sound as heavy as yours. His LP "World of Myths", 
a masterpiece, presents a quite different style, much more polished and technical without losing 
forcefulness and brutality. The recent edition of the CD "The Macrodex of War" is essential to 
get to know these gods. Originals!
1989. Disgorged To Carrion (Demo).
1989. Infernal Excess (Demo).
1990. Remains Of A Lost Life (Demo).
Visions Beyond Darkness EP 1991 Demo 91 Demo 1991 Promo 91 Demo 1991 Cyclone of Insanity EP 1992 World of Myths Full-length 1993 The Macrodex of War... Compilation 2005 MCMXCI - MCMXCIII Compilation 2010 Into the Ruins EP 2012 Cyclone of Insanity / Visions Beyond Darkness + Demos Compilation 2017 

       Macrodex - Disgorged to Carrion (89)


             Crypt of Kerberos - Demo (91)


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