Thursday, March 12, 2020

MASQUERA DI FERRO "Stalactites" Metal (Greece)

Tasos Psilovasilopoulos (Vocals-Lyrics); Fanis Badas (Guitar); Kostas Birbutsakis (Guitar); PanosThoidis (Drums); Teo Karalis (Bass) 

 "MASQUERA DI FERRO is a Greek Gothic Rock Band from Patras, born in October 2012. Their final lineup date back to the middle of 2013. The same year they recorded their first album at NOISEBOX STUDIO with the producer Sakis Bastas. The album was released in February 2014. In September 2015 the band signed with WORMHOLEDEATH RECORDS and flew to Italy (Parma) to record their second album at REALSOUND STUDIO with Coruzzi Cristian and Wahoomi Corvi. The band had performed several concerts all over Greece. Their live activity never stopped."

                          MASQUERA DI FERRO -  Stalactites


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