Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Montreal's melodic death metal band YOUR LAST WISH and their new album "Eradicate" released last month on Feb 23rd. The band is for fans of Oldschool Arch Enemy, Soilwork, Carcass.

Eight years after their sophomore album 2012’s “Desolation”, Montreal, QC melodic death metallers Your Last Wish is back in full force with a new darker and heavier sound with their third studio release 2020’s “Eradicate”. The concept album beautifully exploits post apocalyptic themes. The album was composed and recorded entirely by guitarist David Gagné, while all lyrics were written by vocalist Roxana Bouchard. More than half the songs on this bilingual album are in French. Track ‘Pandore’ features a guest appearance by Beyond Creation’s Simon Girard.

Track by track explanation:–       Eradicate: Thrashy melodic death metal madness. It’s the most straightforward song of the album. It was made to be a single.
–       Exile: Oldschool thrash influences, also introduces odd-time signatures.
–       Monarque: One of our four songs in French, long instrumental passages and probably the most progressive song of the album.
–       Décimé: It has a strong middle-eastern / tribal vibe and oldschool death metal riffs.
–       Lost: Groovy, mid-tempo and orientally ambient soundscape to bang your head to.
–       Pursuit: A clash of modern and oldschool death metal, all in one package!
–       Pandore: Tribal prog duet with Simon Girard from Beyond Creation. Musically unleashes the apocalypse.
–       Prestige: Originally written by Jean-François Gagné, very reminiscent of the previous album “Desolation” (2012).
–       Le cri du monde: Thrashy beginning leading into an epic, cinematic conclusion to the whole album.

What the press is saying:
“Driven by David Gagné, one of the most passionate and hard working musicians in Montreal,The very talented band Your Last Wish’s New Album “Eradicate” will take you on an Epic journey through extremely powerful musical landscapes that will transform your mind and emotions forever. That’s what quality art is for, and that’s what they do!” – Dan Mongrain, Voivod

“Bewitching melodies mixed with crushing grooves, “Eradicate” is definitely a great add to the world’s metal community!” – Simon Girard, Beyond Creation  

“Your Last Wish have a very strong album with Eradicate . Death Metal as it should be, full on the bell and with distinctive songs that cut into the cerebral cortex.” – Rock Magazine

“It’s a really solid album with concrete compositions and a production to break everything. If you’re looking for a brutal melodeath album to add to your collection, Eradicate would be a wise choice!” – Thorium Mag
 (great video to watch) Growl medley with vocalist Roxana -

Lyric Video - Eradicate -

Lyric Video - Lost -

1. Eradicate 05:52  
2. Exile 04:47  
3. Monarque 05:33  
4. Décimé 05:24  
5. Lost 05:12  
6. Pursuit 04:33  
7. Pandore 04:45  
8. Prestige 04:47  
9. Le cri du Monde 05:49          

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