Friday, March 13, 2020

Morbid Death interview

1 - Morbid Death was formed in 1990, and as I understand it, you started playing Thrash Metal is that true?
RS - That's right! We started way back in 1990 and because of our influences such as Sepultura, Metallica and others, we played Thrash Metal with some little bit of  Death Metal also. We we're at the time, some teenagers with a lot going on eheheh Without any know-how and music skills, we just went on, and as the years passed we got more mature.

2 - Have you previously played in any other band?
RS - No. Morbid Death was my first band. It's my real passion. I did some singing in other projects but Morbid Death is the 'Real Thing' for me.

3 - Until you reached your last work "OXYGEN", you had edited 2 Demotapes,
      3 albums, 1 Video and 1 Ep. What has changed in your music and lyrics?

RS - Well, I'm only the one since the begining and of course, alone it would be very dificult for the band in doing what we didi until now, needing the help of all those who belong in the band. Each and everyone brought to the band different influences and that's why Morbid Death has an unique sounding.

4 - How is your last album being received?
RS - Fortunetly, we're getting very good reviews. Of course, we know that we can't please everyone but the majority is liking it. One thing is for sure, the songs that feature in OXYGEN are different from one and each other. For me, it's much more interesting because it captivates the listener 'til the end of the album instead of giving that idea: Hear one, and you heard all!

5 - As you see the current scene in Portugal and the rest of the world, the great metal     dinosaurs begin to disappear. You see bands that can replace to the old glories of the 80s?
RS - The most important is that those 'Dinosaurs' left a very interesting legacy and so many fans. The bands can disapear but their music will always be around and that's the most beautiful thing about music. In my perspective, the 80's was a decade with a lot of great bands showing up and it marked the starting point. There's a lot of good bands around nowadays but...the 80's...the 80's just rocked!!!

6 - Do you plan to go out of Portugal to present your new album?
RS - The feedback that we're receiving is better from foreign countries than from Portugal. With that, we are thinking in doing some shows abroad and with the help of Art Gates Records, it could be a dream becoming true!

7 - Influences?

RS - Wooow...we got a lot of influences! It goes from Paradise Lost, In Flames, Evergrey and even portuguese folclore. We just listen to a lot of diferent kind of music.

8 - What can a live Morbid Death fan expect?

RS - When we're on stage, we just wan't to have fun and if everyone goes along with our music, fantastic! We just make that show as being our last one, giving all we have.

9 - Finally say something for the people who follow Bathory´zine.

RS - In behalf of Morbid Death, I would like to thank Bathory'zine for this oportunity in letting us talk a bit more about us. For all you, metalheads around the world, check out our new album 'OXYGEN' and our videos on Youtube. Your support is vital! Cheers.

Interview by Didac López / Bathory´zine

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