Monday, March 30, 2020


Pre-Entombed Swedish death metal powerhouse Nihilist released two demos and two EPs before becoming Entombed and going on to great fame in the death metal underground. Old timers used to talk about the first Entombed album wistfully, pointing out that the “real” Swedish death metal revolution had happened with Carnage and Nihilist.
Addressing this outlook, in 2005 Threeman Recordings issued Nihilist (1987-1989) which compiled these and another recording session, and in 2018, this was re-issued by Independence Day Recordings as Carnal Leftovers. On May 1, 2020, Earache Records will re-issue Carnal Leftovers for its big-label debut.
The compilation consists of two demos, “Premature Autopsy” and “Only Shreds Remain,” paired with the Drowned and Radiation Sickness EPs and the Entombed demo “But Life Goes On.” With only one duplicated track (“Face of Evil”) this makes a handy view into the career of this band before they were recognized, when they were most focused on the intensity of communication.
You can pre-order the CD, LP, and tshirt in various packages through the Earache webstore, anticipating it shipping in May of this year.
    From “Premature Autopsy”
  1. Sentenced To Death
  2. Supposed To Rot
  3. Carnal Leftovers
  4. From “Only Shreds Remain”
  5. Abnormally Deceased
  6. Revel In Flesh
  7. Face Of Evil
  8. From Drowned
  9. Severe Burns
  10. When Life Has Ceased
  11. From Radiation Sickness
  12. Morbid Devourment
  13. Radiation Sickness
  14. Face Of Evil
  15. From But Life Goes On
  16. But Life Goes On
  17. Shreds Of Flesh
  18. The Truth Beyond

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