Monday, March 9, 2020

Shartten "Sound of Fate" (thrash metal from Poland)

 Line Up Mariusz Piastka – guitar;vocals Sebastian Syroczynski - Drums Kamil Gierek - guitar Jacek Fidos - bass

SHARTTEN was created by Mariusz Vardel who wrote most of the songs and attracted other musicians to form a band. In May 2015 Shartten recorded EP album in Creative Music Studio, Darek "Yanuary" Styczen was responsible for realization and mastering. At the end of 2017 EP material was noticed by Wahoomi Corvi from the RealSound Studio in Italy. Wao contacted the band to discuss the recording of the album. In July 2018, Shartten went to Italy to record an album. Cristian Coruzzi was the sound engineer for the album. Whaoomi Corvi took care of the mix and production. During that time band met also with Carlo Bellotti from the WormHoleDeath label and contract was signed. Album was mastered by Nick Zampiello from New Alliance East in USA. Sound of Fate album is about to be released fall of 2019. Shartten lyrics revolve around darker side of society and the human nature.

   Shartten - "Slave" Audio Stream Video

                   Shartten “Sound of Fate” 


1. The Ride 

2. Rush in Flames 

3. Inner Abyss 

4. Alive Again 

5. Slave 

6. Lost 

7. Pure Insane 

8. Sound of Fate 

9. Remain the Scream



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