Saturday, March 14, 2020


The idea of Stormburner and its inception was formed by Mike Stark and Tommi Korkeamäki in the late summer of 2016.
Once the plan had been agreed upon Mike called Stefan Essmyren whom he knew from the local metal scene. After a first jamming session, Stefan was immediately welcomed to the Stormburner family.

Up next, Stefan recommended his longtime friend and former band mate, Tommy Jee. With that, the band had a stable foundation to rehearse. The band was in no dire need to get a lead guitar player at this stage but instead concentrated on writing songs.

Tommy and Stefan knew of Mats through mutual friends however, and succeeded in persuading him to come and play lead guitar. He was immediately hired.
Stormburner were now complete and ready to set sail and conquer the world.

Mike Stark - Lead Vocals
Tommi - Guitar and Vocals
Mats - Lead Guitar
Tommy Jee - Bass
Stefan - Drums

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1.We Burn (00:00)
2.Metal In the Night (04:30)
3.Shadow Rising (09:05)
4.Demon Fire (13:29)
5.Ragnarok (18:34)
6.Men at Arms (23:28)
7.Eye of the Storm (27:51)
8.Into the Storm (31:52)
9.Rune of the Dead (36:31)
10.Ode to War (43:20)

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