Tuesday, March 10, 2020

TOWN TUNDRA "Misanthropy Never Fails" ( Melodic Death Metal, Metalcore, Modern Metal/Russia)

 Vladimir Alekseenko (Warren Crow) - vocals Aleksei Lavrentev (J.G.K.) - guitars Ilya Dyuzhin (William) - drums Anton Bagrov (Anthony Crimson) - bass Aleksei Firsov (Alexis Fiersen) - guitars

In 2009 former members of several bands have chosen to play melodic but tough metal music, so they joined into new band 'Town Tundra'. The name 'Town Tundra' is a metaphor for the musicians hometown Murmansk - a nonfreezing seaport beyond the Arctic Circle of Russia with endless night in winter and the same endless day in summer. Started in 2009 with self-titled EP 'Town Tundra', the band released two more EPs - 'Hate Parade' (2010), 'Schizofrienemy' (2011) and one full album 'Telegonia' (2014), which was released on FONO label in Russia. In 2015, the band decided not to extend the contract with FONO. At the end of 2016, Town Tundra completed work on the new album 'Misanthropy Never Fails'. In support of the album, tha band released two singles - music video for 'Wit From Woe' and lyric video for 'Anti-Psalm .21' on Youtube.

2009 – Town Tundra (EP) 
2010 – Hate Parade (EP) 
2011 – Schizofrienemy (EP) 
2011 – Devil's Balls (Single) 
2014 – Telegonia (Full album) 
2016 – Anti-Psalm .21 (Single) 
2016 – Wit From Woe (Single) 

              Town Tundra - Wit From Woe

 Tracklist 01. Anti-Psalm .21 02. Senseless and Merciless 03. Wit From Woe 04. Jack Of Spades (Fuck & Chic) 05. Misanthropy Never Fails 06. Ill Itch (Sick Of Revolutions) 07. Wolves Of Shame 08. The Last Rome 09. Hell Bleeds With Oil 10. Humiliating And Insulting

www.facebook.com/TownTundraThule www.youtube.com/towntundra twitter.com/towntundra 

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