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 Tzimani is comprised of the Vazquez brothers, frontman Eddie does vocals and guitar and Sebastian pummels the drums. Together, the duo have formed an original sound in the burgeoning revival of the new wave of American heavy metal. The ambitious musical project, with focus on twin guitar leads, melodic solos, catchy choruses and a sharp, but raspy vocal technique will make you feel that you are in the middle of the 1980s heavy metal explosion. Tzimani culminates sounds of those of legends, i.e. Guns N’ Roses and Mötley Crüe, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

The duo originally released their self-titled EP in 2018, which is now being re-issued in 2020 by Bonita Steel Records for digital format and Diabolic Might Records for vinyl.
Right of the gate since their inception, the heavy metal brothers have been touring throughout North America, hitting markets across the USA and have ventured into Canada on multiple tours. On their last few runs, Tzimani have shared the stage with national and international touring acts such as Huntress, Scarlet Canary, Final Drive, Joan Ov Arc, Scattered Hamlet, Bewitcher, Mothership, Truck Fighters, and more.

Currently, Tzimani is prepared to embark on its biggest excursion yet, a 27 date tour that will bring the band across the United States and hit sights unknown to the band and continue its foray into Canadian lands yet unconquered.

“Despite sparking synapses associated with a variety of high-octane hard rock and metal birthed in the days of yore, this self titled debut EP genuinely feels fresh-faced. Pull on your leather, put the pedal to the metal, and smell the gasoline …” – Sleeping Village Reviews

“One of the best bands to come out of the San Diego area and another great signing by Metal Assault Management. These tracks fill you with that 70s-80s Heavy Metal you love and need in your life, but it’s updated just enough to give their own flavoring. What makes this even better is that this band is two brothers, Eddie and Sebastian Vazquez. It’s great to see family that gets together for the power of metal. They are going to go far if they are capable of this so early in their career.” – That Drummer Guy

“Considering the relative short time together as Tzimani, it’s easy to gauge the band’s great instincts when it comes to songwriting, performance, and execution. They have all the tools to get the beer flowing and the fists flying high, and that’s the name of the game to building an audience in the metal landscape.” – Dead Rhetoric

“The song [Overdrive] is a thrashing speed demon of a hit, only ever slowing down to release a soaring refrain with a powerful vocal delivery. The guitars are downright filthy in their approach, ripping through solos and arpeggios with ease, not to mention the blistering pace of the verse riff.” – New Noise Magazine

“This was only an EP, can you imagine how their full length will be like? This nice little teaser will have your speed demon wanting more.” – Ugh Metal

Track Listing:
1. Shift (0:32)
2. Overdrive (4:07)
3. Locomotive (4:32)
4. Final Hour (3:58)
5. We Are The Ones (4:25)
6. Get Me Out of Here (4:14)
7. Carry On (3:53)
8. Night People (Dio cover) (4:08)
9. Doctor Rockter (W.A.S.P. cover) (3:52)
10. Overdrive (2017 Demo) (4:06)
11. Final Hour (2017 Demo) (3:57)
12. Get Me Out of Here (2017 Demo) (3:48)
Album Length: 45:37

Album Credits:
• All songs performed by: Tzimani
• All songs written by: Eddie Vazquez. “Night People” written by Ronnie James Dio. “Doctor Rockter” written by Blackie Lawless (W.A.S.P)
• Produced by: Eddie Vazquez
• Mixed by: Mike Harris and Eddie Vazquez
• Mastered by: Mike Harris
• Album Artwork by: Ryan Bartlett
• Member of BMI
Album Band Line Up:
Eddie Vazquez – Guitars/Bass/Vox/Synthesizer
Sebastian Vazquez – Drums
Live Band Line Up:
Eddie Vazquez – Guitar/Vox
Sebastian Vazquez – Drums/living programming

2019 – Carry On (Single)
2018 – Tzimani (self-titled EP)
2017 – Demo

Shared Stage with:
Hellfire, Haunt, Bewitcher, Savage Master, Iron Kingdom, Byzantine, Avatar, Novareign, Graveshadow, Great Electric Quest, Toke, Gatekeeper, Void Vator, Truckfighters, Mothership, Vicious Rumors, Hrom, Traveler, Eternal Champion

Tour and Festivals:
2017 – Overdrive Tour Sept 15-Oct 4
2018 – North American Tour Apr 6- Apr 30
2018 – North American Overdrive Tour Nov 7 – Nov 20
2019 – Final Hour Tour Mar 21 – April 19th
2019 – Legions of Metal Festival – Chicago

For fans of Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Motley Crue, Armored Saint, Def Leppard

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