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United States Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Although MYTHIC's career was fleeting they certainly left their mark on the Metal scene. Far from being a typical girl Rock group MYTHIC employed the trademark guttural growls of Dana Duffey with guitars tuned way down making them probably the most well known of all female Death Metal acts.

In early 1991, guitarist Dana Duffey contacted the all female Death Metal band DERKETA after seeing them in an underground fanzine.

At that time, the Pittsburgh based DERKETA had actually broken up, unbeknownst to Dana who was living in Toledo, OH at the time. Dana decided to visit Pittsburgh, PA to meet with the remaining members of DERKETA, former WORMHOLE and MASTER MECHANIC bassist Mary Bielich and drummer Terri Heggen.

Duffey relocated to Pittsburgh and the trio began writing music. It was decided that Duffey would also be the vocalist and main lyricist for the band. The name MYTHIC was chosen and the band was officially born. In early June 1991 a three song rehearsal tape was recorded on a 4 track recorder to spread the word throughout the underground scene. The tracks on this tape were 'The Destroyer', 'Scarred For Life' and 'Grande Grimoire'. MYTHIC than played several shows on the East coast including in Rhode Island, Cleveland, Detroit, and Pittsburgh.

Later that same year they recorded an official demo entitled 'The Immortal Realm' which was recorded live. Tracks were: 'Thy Future Forecast', 'The Destroyer', 'The Oracle', 'Taste of the Grave', 'Grande Grimoire' and 'Lament Configuration'.

Within a year of forming they were offered a MCD from PA based Relapse Records for the three song release entitled 'Mourning In The Winter Solstice' was released in 1992 on MCD, 7" record (both traditional black and limited blue vinyl) and cassette. Soon after this release, MYTHIC parted ways with Terri Heggen and a session drummer was used for what would be the final performance at the legendary Milwaukee Metalfest VI.

After the festival, MYTHIC strangely disbanded. Dana promptly formed the notorious Black Metal band DEMONIC CHRIST.

Bielich went on to join the Doom band NOVEMBERS DOOM, Brian Griffin of BROKEN HOPE's side project EM SINFONIA and by 2001 was a member of PENANCE. She would also figure in the scene as part of the political Punk band BEHIND ENEMY LINES. - Garry Sharpe-Young.

                       Rehearsal Tape 1991


                                                            The Destroyer 04:10  
Scarred for Life 03:20  
Grande Grimoire 03:27  


         The Immortal Realm (Demo1991)

 Side A
1.     Thy Future Forecast     04:32   
2.     The Destroyer     04:06     
3.     The Oracle     05:19   
Side B
4.     Taste of the Grave     02:52   
5.     Grande Grimoire     03:26     
6.     Lament Configuration     04:10


Mourning in the Winter Solstice

 1.     Winter Solstice     03:35     
2.     Lament Configuration     04:14     
3.     Intro / Spawn of Absu     05:55 


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