Monday, March 30, 2020

Unleashed ( Kungsangen ,1989)

Kungsangen (1989). The Old School scene would never have been the same without the 
presence of UNLEASHED. His first demos are of unimaginable rawness and brutality. 
Also his first two LPs perfectly match the definition of old school Death Metal and 
are tremendously rhythmic and rhythmic as well as brutal and forceful works. They 
have always had a conceptual approach to their Viking ancestors, something that has 
even been accentuated with the passage of time. They are still active and faithful 
to their particular style although logically they have lost a lot of their initial 
forcefulness. Indispensable!
 The Utter Dark  Demo  1990   
....Revenge  Demo  1990   
Century Media Promo Tape  Demo  1990   
In the Eyes of Death  Split  1991   
And the Laughter Has Died....  EP  1991   
Where No Life Dwells  Full-length  1991  
Shadows in the Deep  Full-length  1992  
Across the Open Sea  Full-length  1993  
Live in Vienna '93  Live album  1993  1 
Victory  Full-length  1995  
Eastern Blood - Hail to Poland  Live album  1996   
Warrior  Full-length  1997  
Hell's Unleashed  Full-length  2002  
...and We Shall Triumph in Victory  Boxed set  2003   
Sworn Allegiance  Full-length  2004  
Midvinterblot  Full-length  2006  
Hammer Battalion  Full-length  2008  
Viking Raids 1991-2004  Compilation  2008   
Immortal Glory  Boxed set  2008   
As Yggdrasil Trembles  Full-length  2010  
Odalheim  Full-length  2012  
Where Is Your God Now?  Single  2015   
Dawn of the Nine  Full-length  2015  
The Utter Dark / ...Revenge  Compilation  2015   
The Hunt for White Christ  Full-length  2018  
The Hunt for White Christ (EP & Rarities)  EP  2018  
Death Metal Victory! - 30th Anniversary Edition  Boxed set  2019 

Unleashed - The Utter Dark Full Demo('90)



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