Monday, April 27, 2020

Amnesis is a Hybrid Nu Metal group from Asheville NC.

They play a show you won't forget!!They play for themselves, their friends and their fans tothe fullest!! They are and east coastband and have played from New Jersey all the way to St.Augustine Florida. They want to come play your town!!Amnesis has released a full length LP entitled "WelcomeTo Oblivion" in 2015 and just dropped their newestAlbum, a 7 song EP entitled "We Hate Myself" in Januaryof 2020. They are currently working on a new singlescheduled for release in Summer of 2020, and a new EPthat will be dropping sometime in early winter of 2020.The band has been featured as live support forMushroomhead, Avatar, Hell Yeah, Doyle, Fire From TheGods,Wednesday 13, Nile and many more.

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