Sunday, April 26, 2020

Anhedonia - Deathcore, Deathmetal, Slam/USA

Formed out of central California, USA, Anhedonia is a syndicate comprised of four members hailing from Los Angeles to San Francisco with a passion for writing and performing heavy music.
The band combines elements of contemporary deathcore, deathmetal, slam, and several other styles focusing on heavy rhythms, progressive grooves, and technical riffage while incorporating some of the most sadistic down-tempo dynamics.  However, the onslaught doesn't stop there.  The music is accompanied by punishing slams and breakdowns with its tenacity reinforced by hauntingly eerie leads and sample effects to create a peculiar yet unsettling atmosphere.

The concept behind the band and sound is driven by relentless ambition and obsession to devastate the modern world by opening a doorway to an experience not yet traversed in heavy music culture.
Anhedonia is an entity unleashing a void of insanity that will devour your mind and make you question your very own existence, only to leave you wanting more.


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