Wednesday, April 15, 2020

ATOMIC DROP - Black Thrash Metal

One man, DIY, wrestling themed blackened thrash project. Featuring high beats per minute, epic slow stuff, shred guitar solos, and elementary school level lyrics.

The debut release from Atomic Drop!!!

Nine tracks of tongue in cheek wrasslin' and speed metal goodness.

Released March 23, 2020

Everything by Lucas BadNews Taylor
Additional guitar solos and vocals provided by Rick Winston on tracks 4 and 7

Recorded at Lucas Taylor's secret studio named "Studio Airbuttz"

Album art by Yuri Chuchmay.
 1.     The Road Warriors     03:08     
2.     Harley Race                   05:19     
3.     American Dream           04:22     
4.     Das Wunderkind           03:59     
5.     Sexual Tyrannosaurus   04:43     
6.     Beast from the East        02:21
7.     Luger Racks Hogan        04:53     
8.     Funker                             04:48   
9.     Mid-Card Purgatory     04:23     

Great debut by Atomic Drop, single-member 
band Lucas Taylor, Blackened Thrash from 
start to finish, one of those that comes 
to you at first listen.

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