Thursday, April 9, 2020

BANISHER (DECAPITATED) Details Prisoner Transport In New Song "Extradition"

Banisher, the band featuring Decapitated bassist Hubert Więcek, recently released their new album Degrees of Isolation. The band is now back with a music video for their track "Extradition," which they said is about inmates being held and transported between jails.
"Extradition" tells the story about inmates being held and transported between jails and the methods of treating them during the process. It describes the feelings and subjective perception of the free world from the point of view of a person being held in custody. Appreciating all the views on the road, which were once in reach on a daily basis, are now seen through barred windows of an armored vehicle. If you're lucky enough to be extradited in a vehicle with windows at all.
 Sorrow of Death     Demo               2005    
Human Sacrifice     EP               2007    
Slaughterhouse     Full-length               2010    
Promo 2011     Demo                       2011    
Scarcity     Full-length               2013    
Oniric Delusions     Full-length       2016    
Degrees of Isolation     Full-length       2020    

               Banisher - Extradition


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