Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Bestial Devastator - Black/Thrash Metal/Germany

Founded in early 2012 in Flensburg (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) by Infernal

Aggressor (Vocals, Bass, Guitars) and Tyrant (Artillery), they soon released as a

three-piece band with Eviscerator on Guitars the demo “Hellish Onslaught”.

In July 2013 “OUT OF THE DEPTHS” was unleashed. In the following years, two

more albums were released on Desecration of Souls Prod. (Paraguay) and two


In the line-up Infernal Aggressor, Eviscerator and Abyss (Drums) the new

album “REALM OF TYRANNY” was recorded and will be released late 2020 on

Desecration of Souls Prod. on CD and tape. 

Bestial Devastator are inspired by Sodom, Deathrow, Exumer, Violent Force,

Dark Angel, Darkthrone, early Mayhem, Nifelheim…. 


Hellish Onslaught (Demo)-2012

Out of the Depths (Album)-2013

Black Speed Alliance (Split)-2014

Merciless Attacker (Album)-2015

Black Rites of Hell (Split)-2016

Until Death Occurs (Album)-2018

Realm of Tyranny (Album)-2020


Bestial Devastator - Iron Voices from the Past



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