Thursday, April 9, 2020

Black Pestilence Premiere Video “My Will To Power” via Decibel Magazine

                        Daniel Toews – Guitar,  Valax – Bass & Vocals, Davey Hellfire – Drums

For fans of Toxic Holocaust, Impaled Nazarene, Municipal Waste, Midnight, Cradle of Filth

                            New Album "Hail The Flesh" Coming May 1st

Black Pestilence, hailing from Calgary, Canada has unleashed a second single 'My Will To Power' off their sixth studio album “Hail The Flesh” via Decibel Magazine HERE.
The catchy, upbeat track takes the unmistakable unique sound of Black Pestilence and warps it into an anthemic, satanic onslaught of punk-infused black metal with electronic tinges that challenge genre standards. 
No strangers to pushing boundaries, Black Pestilence has been making waves across Canada and Europe since 2008 and is excited to share their latest album with fans around the world. 
Band founder, bassist and vocalist Valax adds:
‘Hail The Flesh’ will be fast, and chaotic. Lyrically, for it, I talk about glorifying the carnal lifestyle and celebrating Earthly pleasures and indulgences. I am inspired by so many different avenues for lyrics. Without sounding too cliche, most of the lyrics are about Satanism, but not on a theistic level, just true, carnal, humanistic Satanism. Many other songs are also about social issues.”
Recommended for fans across a broad spectrum including Toxic Holocaust, Impaled Nazarene and Municipal Waste, “Hail The Flesh” is available for pre-order on Bandcamp along with their previous releases.

Pre-Save for Spotify Playlist here.
Music Video 'Spurn All Gods' here.

Over the course of twelve years, Black Pestilence has 
released five full-length albums, filmed four music videos, and performed all over Canada and Europe. They have also shared the stage with a number of notable bands including The Black Dahlia Murder, Toxic Holocaust, Absu, Skeletonwitch, and Wednesday 13.

Track Listing:
1. Hail The Flesh (2:30)
2. Spurn All Gods (3:51)
3. Hellfire (3:29)
4. True To The Dark (2:38)
5. Cloven Division (3:46)
6. Godless (3:14)
7. Frauds To The Throne (4:28)
8. My Will To Power (3:29)
9. Ephemeral (6:41)
Album Length: 34:09

  BLACK PESTILENCE - My Will to Power

“if you’re looking for raw and grimy Black metal without frills, Black Pestilence is for you. Enjoyable ‘no-nonsense no compromises’ rage.” – Metal Storm
“Black Pestilence’s knack for composing catchy yet coarse material is affirmed and bodes exceedingly well for the future.” – Worship Metal
“Black Pestilence have crafted some top quality songs that are catchy yet still nasty. It’s a rabid mix of black metal nastiness and punk energy, and has some razor sharp riffing.” – The Killchain
“Black Pestilence was to follow up on stage. Their sound is better experienced live. They started straight with fast classic Crust/Punk sound, just to merge it later in a Black Metal-Punk amalgamation. They were like the living proof of the genre’s evolution. The crowd got engaged and seemed pleased and excited all throughout the show. They sounded amazing and their performance was impressive. They seemed very proficient and technical with their work and the result was a blast.” – Din Intunerec
“Wherever your allegiance lies, be it Metal or Punk, you should not be disappointed with ‘Urban Hell Rhythmics’. And please do not hesitate to check it out live if the opportunity arises. You will not regret it!” – Metal Jacket Magazine

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