Wednesday, April 22, 2020

ChronicleS' Death Metal from Bengal

ChronicleS' is a Death Metal band summoning from Bangladesh. In East-Bengal extreme metal scenario the band was formed in late 2015.
Through the exploration of death metal for three years ChronicleS releases its debut experimental Ep' War Machine  on 15 November 2019.
Despite of debut release the band is set to an evil, ambient, dark and old school sound right now.!
The band is established with extreme powerful drumming, aggressive killing faster riffs with speed bass line which is highlighted.
ChronicleS is highly influence by "Morbid angel, Asphyx, Master, Benediction, Merciless, Morbius, Revenant, Nihilist, Monstrosity, Incubus, Demolition hammer, Autopsy, Sinister, Mortuary, Crematory, Incantation, Invocator, Demilich".

 1.     Call Your God     04:26     
2.     কসাই বধ     02:20     
3.     WarMachine     04:56     
4.     Anubis the Preserver of Osiris     04:12 




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