Saturday, April 18, 2020

Crimson Dawn - Doom Metal from Italy.

Crimson Dawn was born in the winter of 2005 as a collaboration
project between Dario Beretta (Drakkar) and Emanuele Rastelli
(Crown of Autumn, Magnifiqat), with the goal of creating Epic
Traditional Heavy Metal music. Between January and April 2006,
the duo recorded the first promo-cd, A Dawn in Crimson, well-
received in the Italian fandom. After that, the project was put
on hold until the summer of 2008, when Dario made the decision
to resurrect it and shape it into an actual band, adding a strong
Doom Metal element to it. In the course of a few months, the new
Crimson Dawn was born with Dario and Marco Rusconi on guitars,
Luca Lucchini (ex-All Soul's Day) on drums, Antonio Pecere (Betoken,
ex-Sigma) on vocals, Emanuele Laghi on keyboards and Alessandro Reggiani
Romagnoli on the bass.
Crimson Dawn’s first full-length album "In Strange Aeons...", recorded
in Mat Stanciou's Elnor Studio (Labyrinth, Crown Of Autumn, Drakkar)
and mastered by Dan Swanö (Opeth, Edge Of Sanity) at Unisound Studio,
took the doom metal world by storm with its heavy riffs paired with epic
and sullen melodies in October 2013, thanks to the well-known and respected
underground Italian label My Graveyard Production. Responses from the press
and fans were stunning and the album was pointed out by many in the Italian
metal press as one of the best debuts of the year. It was followed in October
2015 by the self-published EP “At The Cemetery Gates”, an important release in
that it helped the band shape their own sound even further, adding some
Italian melodies and more ‘70s inspired keyboards. Meanwhile, the band was also
cementing their reputation as an unmissable live act with show in several European
Doom Metal festivals, supporting acts like Solstice, Manilla Road, Officium Triste,
and the Swedish sensation Ghost. Expectations were high for their second full-length,
the first under the wing of their new label, Punishment 18 Records. Released in March
2017, “Chronicles Of An Undead Hunter” did not disappoint. Once again met with praise
from the international metal press, it allowed the band to reach many new fans and
some great shows over Europe again, supporting bands like Memory Garden, Sorcerer,
Candlemass and Novembre, as well as going for a mini-tour as co-headliners with the
amazing Crete-based band Doomocracy.
In 2020, Crimson Dawn is as ready as ever to go full-speed ahead to the future. In
February, they have launched their brand-new Patreon page, created in conjunction with
Dario’s other band, Drakkar, to offer to die-hard fans lots of exclusive material as
as a direct line of communication with the band. In March, they are ready to launch their
third full-length release. Published by Punishment18, “Inverno” is once again an ambitious,
very personal record. The opening track, The House On The Lake, it’s musical storytelling at
its finest: an almost 11-minutes epic tale of darkness and heroism. The titletrack is the
song entirely in Italian ever created by the band; it already got much praise after the release
of its lyrics video, and features a vocal duet between Crimson Dawn’s singer, Antonio Pecere,
and band co-founder, Emanuele Rastelli (Crown Of Autumn). Nameless One and From Beyond continue
the established tradition of the band of tackling Lovecraftian horrors in music. Condemned To Live
boasts another special guest vocalist, Clode (Tethra) on growls, for another song mixing
and modern doom in a way which is unique to Crimson Dawn. Thulsa Doom And The Cult of The Snake and
Return To Agarthi incorporate some ’70 hard rock riffin’ with the grandiose atmospheres of epic metal.
And the final piece, Soulcrush, is indeed a crushingly sad story of pain and regret, told through
melancholic melodies and ethereal atmospheres, in the best tradition of melodic doom metal.
This is Crimson Dawn: a band with their feet firmly placed in tradition, and their heads always looking
to the future. Because the night is darkest just before the dawn.

Side A
1. The House on the Lake 10:39  
2. Thulsa Doom and the Cult of the Snake 04:10  
3. Inverno 04:30  
4. From Beyond 04:12  
Side B
5. Nameless One 05:17  
6. Return to Agarthi 05:32  
7. Condemned to Live 06:49  
8. Soulcrush 05:25



Official Videos: 



A Dawn in Crimson Demo 2006  
Force of Glory - Melodic Metal Compilation Vol. 1 Split 2009  
In Strange Aeons... Full-length 2013  
At the Cemetery Gates EP 2015  
Chronicles of an Undead Hunter Full-length 2017  
Inverno Full-length 2020


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