Tuesday, April 7, 2020

DEADLINE - New Wave Of South African Heavy Metal

(NWOSAHM) and mix elements of traditional heavy metal, thrash
metal, power metal and hard rock in their music. Deadline are
known for their passionate, energetic stage shows and have a loyal
fan base all over South Africa know as the Deadline Heavy Metal
Deadline's debut album, ‘Black Wolf City’ was released worldwide
On 14 October 2017. They are currently working on their second
album which is currently in production.


Baz Steel Bass (2014-present)
Dizzy Styx Drums (2014-present)
Skullprit Guitars (2014-present)
Jessy Switchblade Vocals (2014-present)
Raven Chaos Guitars (2015-present)

September  2017: Hostage Demonica (Single)
October      2017: Black Wolf City (Album)
April          2018:  Bloodbeast (Single)
March        2019:  High Tops & Bullet Belts (Single)
May           2019:  White Death (Single)


Call +27 82 453 2770
1.     Black Wolf City                      02:59     
2.     Break the Silence                    05:12     
3.     White Death                            04:06     
4.     Confessions of a .45                05:12     
5.     Lilith Immortal                        06:05     
6.     Bloodbeast                               04:04     
7.     Burn                                         05:36     
8.     Thorn in My Side                    04:56     
9.     Hostage Demonica                   05:29

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