Thursday, April 9, 2020


Formed in Sweden in 1991 they have returned with their tenth studio album and
the continuation of the 2016 release Struck By a Murderous Siege and is the first album with the
new vocalist Johan Bergström (visceral bleeding) as the band seeks to continue their forceful
Assault on music as a whole.
This 8-track album lasts around 34 minutes. Deranged continues its Brutal Death Metal while
they move away from the traditional Swedish sound of Death Metal and more towards a technical style.
Facts of ruthless violence is modification a description, as well as the title of an album, and the aggression is clear and
Extreme from the beginning and is relentless throughout the entire offer, as it hits and tears you in all its glory
and it's a huge amount in addition to any Death and Brutal Death Metal fan's collection and it's also a huge amount in addition to
Deranged's already impressive discography.
 ...the Confessions of a Necrophile  Demo            1992   
...the Confessions Continues  EP                    1993   
Upon the Medical Slab  Single                            1994   
Architects of Perversions  EP                    1994  
Rated-X  Full-length                            1995   
Sculpture of the Dead  EP                            1996  
High on Blood  Full-length                            1998  
Deranged  Compilation                            1999   
III  Full-length                                    1999   
Abscess / Deranged  Split                            2001   
Deranged  Full-length                            2001   
Plainfield Cemetery  Full-length                    2002  
Obscenities in B-flat  Full-length                    2006  
The Redlight Murder Case  Full-length            2008  
Cut Carve Rip Serve  Full-length                    2011  
Morgue Orgy  EP                                    2013  
Postmortem Rituals  Compilation                    2016   
Struck by a Murderous Siege  Full-length            2016  
Necro-Bulimia Interfering Afterlife  Single            2020   
Deeds of Ruthless Violence  Full-length            2020 
Side A
1. Necro-Bulimia Interfering Afterlife 03:17  
2. Engulfed by Hate I Stab to Kill 04:13  
3. Level of Lividity 03:25  
4. Carnal Provision for the Rotten Masses 05:13  
Side B
5. Through Stages of Putrefaction 03:33  
6. Carried in Pain, Released by Torture 04:22  
7. Quarantine Required for Living Entities 05:06  
8. I Send You Half the Kidney I Took 04:03


Andreas Johansson Bass
Johan Bergström Vocals
Rikard Wermén Drums
Thomas Ahlgren Guitars


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