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Extreme Metal Music: PILE OF PRIESTS New Single 'Bloodstained Citadel

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Extreme Metal Music: PILE OF PRIESTS New Single 'Bloodstained Citadel'Self-Titled Album Out May 22nd

Denver, USA’s Pile of Priests will be unleashing their debut self-titled album on May 22nd via Extreme Metal Music, a subsidiary of Italy’s Rockshots Records. Leading up to the release of the full length, the band is sharing their second single 'Bloodstained Citadel'.
The band adds:

The fastest and meanest song on the album, we’ll say no more."
Lyric video HERE.
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Dark and melodic, the progressive death metal album is a huge milestone for the band as it encompasses the style they have been striving to portray for a long time. The conceptual album takes place centuries ago in a fictional universe, not unlike our own. The story is about an exiled prince who seeks to end the reign of his deranged father. 
Meant to be listened from front to back with each song leading into the next. The band shares their expected reaction of the album:
“We believe fans will be surprised by certain elements of this record but ultimately very satisfied. There is something for everyone in this one; powerhouse vocals, sinister riffing, silky solos, harmonies to make your hair stand up, and some beautiful melodic passages.”
“Pile of Priests” is available on May 22, 2020.
Album pre-order 
First single 'Exile Unto Divination' here.

Track Listing:
1. Intro (1:28)
2. The Aversion (3:28)
3. Death of The Paragon (6:09)
4. Exile Unto Divination (5:17)
5. Conjunction of Souls (5:06)
6. The Threshold (2:22)
7. Deus Delenda Est (6:05)
8. Bloodstained Citadel (4:24)
9. The Restitution (8:36)
Album Length: 42:59



Burn Demo 2010  
Unholy Death EP 2011  
Void to Enlightenment Full-length 2015
Redemptionem Per Cruciatu Single 2017  
Tenebrous Labyrinth EP 2017  
Pile of Priests Full-length 2020


Patrick Leyn Bass
See also: ex-Centimani, ex-Depths of Dementia
Evan Salvador Guitars, Vocals (2009-present)
See also: Lord Dahthar, ex-Thorns of Acanthus
Evan Knight Drums (2012-present)
See also: Astraeus, Sar Isatum, Suns of Sorath, Akhlys (live), Aoratos (live), ex-Dremaura
Daryl Martin Guitars (rhythm) (2018-present)

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