Tuesday, April 14, 2020

From the city of Vallenar - Chile. Move the northern subsoil of the country with a rotten 
rockandroll and a cave noise
The band was formed in 2018 by FRANCYS VAN TASSEL (composer, guitar, bass and voice) and 
INZANE666 (demonic attitude, choruses and riffs of the sarcophagus). Then PXP is added in 
battery. .. (and in the last work "7R" on main guitar)
The band performs a black metal crust… influenced by venom, darkthrone, anti-cimex, nihilist, 
discharge, misfits among others.
To date they have 3 demos and 2 albums in which the last of these shows the true sound and 
essence of the band ... this work called WILD MIASMA; the horror from beyond .. was released 
in March 2020 a.b.
The band Bactery is active and planning a tour of Latin America to later expand horizons, and 
is already working on a blasphemous new album.
Street D-mons Demo 2018  
Post-War Horrors EP 2019  
Podrida Decadencia Split 2019  
Terror inhumano Full-length 2019  
The Spirit Of Decay Split 2019  
Curse of the Undead EP 2020  
Wild Miasma; The Horror from Beyond Full-length 2020   

1. Metamorphoses Lycanthropie 02:23  
2. Graveyard Metalpunks 02:26  
3. Coito des Ghoules 02:32  
4. Blasfemia, mierda, fuego y ron! 03:29  
5. Sshock 02:40  
6. Hellwolves Unleashed! 03:23  
7. Death Comes Ripping (Misfits cover) 01:38  
8. U.N.D.E.A.D. 03:53  
9. Lycantropheles A.B. 01:25  
10. Endless Night 03:54  
11. Obscuras secreciones 00:55  
12. Coito des Ghoules (Spanish Version) 02:32


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