Friday, April 10, 2020

HellgardeN - "MAKING NOISE, LIVING FAST" Out now.

HellgardeN deliver a rancid concoction of fast Thrash and High-Octane Metal Madness Injected with twisted solos and and overdose of Vocal Insanity.

HellgardeN  "Making Noise, Living Fast" pushes the limits of taste and brutality with a telluric wave of riffs, topped by stormy rhythmic assaults that, with the inclusion of some more 'melodic' cues, will settle violently on your bearded garments with thrash and groove metal influences.

HellgardeN promises songs with an organic, visceral and striking sound with amazing riffs, ripped vocals and a violent sound of drums and bass, they performed live in Brazil, playing at important festivals, sharing the stage alongside metal legends like Krisiun, Claustrophobia, Project4, and many more...

Ruthless Brazilian Quartet came together in 2013 "Beer and Whiskey-Soaked basement with one common goal in Mind" to create 100% real Thrash Metal Music.

Diego Pascuci - Vocals
Caick Gabriel - Guitar
Matheus Barreiros - Drums
Guilherme Biondo - Bass


 HellgardeN “Making Noise, Living Fast” available April 10th in the following formats: CD Digipak, LP, Cassette, and on all Digital platforms.

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