Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Viking Zombie album review by Armored Dawn.

I did not know this band, and at the first listen I was surprised by the style that
They do power metal very much in the style of European bands, but Armored Dawn come from Brazil.
Songs like "Ragnarock", "Animal Uncaged" and "Zombie Viking · are those that come to you at first listen,
but for me in "Fire and Flames" keyboards are used, before guitars and drums
bounce at high speed. A mix of gigantic and voluminous riffs can be heard on
"The Eyes Of The Wolves". One of the best songs for me is "Face to Face" a theme
 of those that stay in your head, of those that have to fall in any concert of the band.
"Heads Are Rolling" and "Rain Of Fire" are two songs that meet the rest of the aforementioned although
Then there are songs that lower the bar, such as "Drowning", "Blood On Blood" and "Embrace The Silence".
"Rain on Fire" and it's another song that I like, more along the lines of the first songs. "Skydiver Of The Light"
somewhat different from the others, even so it is a good topic.
I haven't listened to their first two albums, but this album fulfills my perspectives, it will be a new band to follow.
And don't be swayed by the lyrics on the Viking themed album, Armored Dawn is pure power metal.
I recommend this album. Now curiosity makes me look for their previous albums, which if they are like this, the band
will have a new fan. 7.50 / 10

Didac López / Bathory´zine

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