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Lucifixion started out in the latter half of 1989 by Jeremiah Riley and Shane Seegert. The lineup made a few changes until a solid three piece was formed with Jeremiah on drums, Skot Wehman on bass, and Brian Bascom on guitar. Lucifixion ventured into Strawberry Fields recording studio in Swanton, Ohio in 1993. Demon Sacrifice was the resulting demo from these recording sessions. Jeremiah sat in on vocals since there was no permanent growler for the position. Lucifixion shopped the demo around and quickly discovered vocalist T.J. Huling. The band returned to the studio in 1994 to re-record the Demon Sacrifice demo and re-branded it Born Into Death, the first official release from Lucifixion.
After a few lineup changes the role of vocals reverted back to Jeremiah and longtime fan Andy Hamlet joined the band as the first lead guitarist. Lucifixion went back into the studio to record the first full release Indulge in the Macabre in 1996. The album featured 4 reworked songs from Born Into Death and 6 new tracks including the fan favorite Self Inflicted Autopsy. Lucifixion enjoyed several years of local shows and even had the honor of opening up for such national acts as Cannibal Corpse, Gutted, and Exodus.
After yet another round of lineup changes, Lucifixion went into the studio in 2003 to record several demo recordings that have yet to be released. Recently one of these recordings, Split Second, has seen the light of day via digital streaming services. The band experimented with female vocals to fill a growing number of acoustic sections. Maria Seeburger held the vocalist role for several years as Jeremiah continued to support the band with brutal vocals to counter the softer female voice. In 2005 Lucifixion released their third recording, an EP entitled As Evil As Me. The line up during this recording worked for many years together and consisted of Jeremiah Riley, Andy Hamlet, Larry Ray, Maria Seeburger, and Austin Waidelich. As Evil As Me was meant to be a rebirth for Lucifixion. Unfortunately, the group disbanded in 2008 on good terms.
At the end of the ride the band recorded a final 8 tracks for a yet to be released final full-length album. Several of the recordings have been put on YouTube, but no official release was ever finalized. These 8 songs, along with a few other unreleased tracks throughout the years, are still in the works for an official release date.

    The band wants to clarify about the TLC song:
 The track TLC is an acronym for Terrified Living 
Corpses and has yet to be released. The song is a 
13-minute piece that reflects on the torture and 
genocide during WW2. There is an intro from an Adolph 
Hitler speech to set the tone; however, we would like 
it to be known that we are not Nazi sympathizers, we 
just felt the piece needed some theatrics to help set 
the tone and seriousness that we were going for. 


Born into Death Demo 1994  
Indulge in the Macabre Full-length 1996  
As Evil as Me Demo 2005

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