Thursday, April 9, 2020


The current line-up:
Just Fucking Fritz : Bass/ vocals
Just Fucking Listl : Guitar/ backing vocals
Just Fucking Alex : Drums

The german Thrash Metal Band Nuclear Warfare was founded at the end of the year 2001
and is inspired by 80's-Metal-heroes such as the early Kreator, Sodom, Destruction and
Slayer.Over the years the band played many concerts in Germany and the neighbouring countries like Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy and Poland but also invaded more far away territories like Russia and Brazil.
In 2004 the band released their first LP “War is Unleashed”, which was followed two years
later by the second strike “We come in Peace”. The old singer Andy (Nucleator) left the band
in 2008 and Fritz, the bass player, took over the vacant job.
In 2010 the band signed at the underground-metal-label MDD and released their third album
“God of Aggression”. Four years later LP number four, appropriately titled „Just Fucking Thrash“, was published, also under the banner of MDD.
The year 2014 threw both on the band, light and shadow. In summer the band played overseas for the first time (in Brazil, like already mentioned), in autumn long-time drummer Miriam left the band. Fortunately our good friend Alexandre (Xandão), tour manager for many Brazilian bands and drummer of Brazilian thrash-legends Andralls took over the drumkit to kick some ass.2017 our longtime guitarist Pit leave the band.Also 2017 we released our 5 Album "Empowered by Hate" and played showes in half of Europe and Brazil . 



 First Strike     Demo                        2002    
War Is Unleashed     Full-length     2004    
Dosenpfand muss weg!     EP          2005    
We Come in Peace     Full-length    2006    
Royal Fortune     EP                         2007    
Killing Combat     Compilation        2008    
God of Aggression     Full-length     2010    
Just Fucking Thrash  Full-length    2014    
Empowered by Hate   Full-length    2017 




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