Monday, April 20, 2020

PADRAX - Black Thrash Metal/Ecuador

PADRAX is a Black / Thrash Metal band formed in late 2001
in the City of Sangolquí- Country (Ecuador), by Jorge Noboa and Andres
Marcayata, but the musical activity of the band begins in the month of November
of the year 2002, being the first lineup: Jorge Noboa (guitar), Andrés Marcayata
(bass and voice) and Patricio Noboa (drums). The sound of the band from its beginnings
He has been influenced by cult bands like: Bathory, Venom, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost,
Sodom, Kreator, Desaster, Sabbat, Metalucifer, among others, but above all rescuing the
old sound of the South American school, in the style of Parabellum, Sarcophagus, Ammit, Vulcano,
Burial, Inquisition. Throughout its years of existence, the band has had several
line-ups, currently remaining as a consolidated line-up: Patricio Palma (Voice),
Mateo Velastegui (Bass), Andrés Marcayata (Lead Guitar), Xavier Díaz (Second Guitar) and
Patricio Noboa (Drums); Brutal musicians such as: Solomon have also been members of PADRAX
Ramírez (ex-vocals), Dany Guarderas (ex-bass), Javier Palma (ex-guitar), Rodrigo Meza (ex-guitar).

Padrax has the following jobs:
- Demo "Padrax" year 2012.
- Demo "Sangolkillers" year 2017.
- EP "Paganismo" year 2014.
- Studio Album: "Padrax" year 2014.
- Compilation "Anthology" year 2014.
- Studio Album: "Sangolkillers" year 2019; In addition, the band has participated in several 
with bands from the local and international scene.

Padrax has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Talla bands worldwide such as: Toxik
(USA), Abigail (Japan), Vulcano (Brazil), Witchtrap, Neurosis (Colombia), among others. The band 
is working on his new songs !!!
1. Alcohol y violencia
2. Intoxicación
3. Herejía
4. Witch Hunter
5. Guerreros del Sol
6. Headbangers
7. Padrax Attack
8. Hell is Coming
9. Sangolkillers


Demo Demo 2012  
Paganismo EP 2014  
Padrax Full-length 2014  
Antología Compilation 2014  
La cabina del terror Video 2016  
Valle oscuro Split 2016  
Sangolkillers Demo 2017  
Manabí Sounds - Portoviejo Video 2018  
Sangolkillers Full-length 2019  
Maldito Underground Suramericano Split 2019

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